A Shanghai Guide From The Quirky To The Wonderful

Holding a population 24 million, Shanghai is ranked as one of China’s major cities to date. With its thriving economy and futuristic skyscrapers, this bustling city will give you a glimpse into the future. The blend of Eastern and Western culture in Shanghai also makes it a unique travel destination for travellers who love a pleasant surprise (or excellent hotel discounts with ENTERTAINER getaways) at every turn! If you want to get a taste of Shanghai’s lifestyle and live like a local, check out our Shanghai Guide below:

Take A Stroll Down Changle Road

Spanning 2 kilometres from West to East in the middle of Shanghai’s old French Concession is where you’ll find Changle Road. You can find everything on this narrow street; techno clubs, alternative cafes, skateboarding equipment, elegant boutiques, second-hand mobile vendors, Japanese and Italian restaurants – you name it! This local hipster hangout is worth a visit if you love exploring quirky spots in a foreign country…so why not lose yourself amongst the smalls shops on Changle Road?

Get A Taste Of England At Thames Town

Red telephone boxes, brick buildings, churches and street signs in English which read “Cambridge Road” will make you do a double-take and wonder if you’re still in Shanghai. Technically – yes! But this place will have you feeling like you’re in England. Welcome to Thames Town, one of the few themed towns located in Shanghai. It can be a bit of a mission to travel to, but it’s worth the trip. Get a taste of England as you enjoy a cup of tea and stroll down the cobbled lanes of Thames Town.

Unravel Shanghai’s Underground Music Scene at Yuyintang

Shanghai not short of clubs, from M1NT and Bar Rouge to dives that serve salted rice and Tsingdao beer until sunrise. But if you’re interested in exploring the city’s underground music scene, head down to Yuyintang during the weekend. Although this club is relatively small, it is home to various well-known bands and emerging artists. Very few tourists flock to this hidden spot on Kaixuan Road, but there are plenty of expats to mingle around and share your music interests with – so make sure you check it out!

Savour Chinese Delicacies On South Yunnan Road

South Yunnan Road is located on the intersection of Yan’An Road and Xizang Road, two of Shanghai’s many arteries. Here, you’ll find a variety of scrumptious and authentic Chinese cuisines like xiǎo lóng bāo (mini, steamed dumplings), Nanjing salted duck, traditional Sichuan hot pot, fried tofu and many more. Say Hello to ridiculously cheap and tasty local dishes and if you don’t feel like indulging, you can take a walk on South Yunnan Road to absorb its sights and sounds instead.

Spend An Afternoon At Shanghai’s Bustling Marriage Market

Translating to “blind date corner”, Shanghai’s popular “marriage market” is where elders hawk potential spouses for their unmarried children. Located in People’s Park, marriage market is a bustling bazaar on a section of paths and plazas where you’ll find personal advertisements dangling from strings, sitting atop an open umbrella, or even being held aloft by parents. This market runs for five hours every weekend in the afternoons where People’s Park turns into a live-action Tinder scene…except it’s parents who are doing the swiping. This quirky attraction is worth witnessing in person!

From delicious local street food to underground music scenes and weekend marriage markets, there’s no denying that Shanghai is full of quirky attractions that are worth visiting at least once. Did our list above excite you? We sure hope so, but if it didn’t, then this will; you get to enjoy up to 60% off your hotel stay if you book your vacation with our in-app booking engine ENTERTAINER getaways! Simply launch your ENTERTAINER app and click on the ‘Travel’ tab to start booking!

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