Discover French Cuisine At Bistro Des Arts

Quintessential Parisian eatery, Bistro des Arts, is a very cute, and very quaint addition to Dubai’s restaurant scene, so after receiving an invite to go and meet their très talented Head Chef, Stephane Cedelle, it’s fair to say we were thrilled. Passing a ‘Montmartre’ sign on our way through the door, it’s evident that they have gone to great lengths to help set the scene for all diners.

Bistro des Arts – a slice of France, in Dubai

Serving classic French home-style food within its welcoming and unfussy rustic French décor, guests can dine from breakfast until late, and feast on a raw seafood bar, freshly baked bread and pastries, as well as traditional French dishes.

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Not only are guests able to choose from a selection of divine authentic delicacies on offer when they dine at Bistro des Arts, but they are also taken on a culinary journey through France, having the option to taste famous menu items from different regions. Fancy your own expedition? Well, we have some great locations that we think you should travel to.

From Normandy…

Begin your tour of France in Normandy with Moules Marinière – mussels, with carrot, onion, garlic, crème fraîche and a sprinkle of parsley. Known as the ‘greatest and simplest of all mussel dishes’, the flavours are utterly fabulous – fries on the side are a must, too.

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To Royan…

Although not in the video, one not to be missed includes a main from south-central France, Les Ravioles Du Dauphine – Royan’s raviole served with cream cheese. If loving carbs is wrong, we don’t want to be right!

And on to Paris…

One of the most flavourful cuts, the roasted rib of beef with creamy sauce known as Côte de Boeuf (with Béarnaise Sauce, from Paris no less), is another of Bistro des Arts’ specialities. Served with gratin dauphinois, share this with a loved one, and let the city of lurrrve delight you with this dish.

Before stopping off in Bordeaux…

Another special that was made in front of our very own eyes included the gorgeous Tagliatelle Sud Ouest, with foie gras and truffle. From the very famous area of Bordeaux in south-west France, upon trying this dish, you will quickly be transported out of the desert, and instead thrown into a beautiful rural location – think vineyeards, and blooming sunflower fields…

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And finishing your journey in Brittany…

After relaxing within the flowers, end your journey with a trip to Brittany, a charming region in the north of France known for its two great local products, butter and sea salt – which just happens to feature in the delightful Sable Breton. This delectable shortbread dessert is accompanied by lemon curd and fresh raspberries – the sweetest treat to end your meal.

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On your Tour de France, not only do you get to experience the finest French food, but you can also save money while you’re at it. Don’t forget to take advantage of the 2 for 1 offers on your ENTERTAINER. We couldn’t be happier to have them on board! FYI, skilled chef Stephane also cooks for French alpine lodge-themed bar and restaurant Publique – another must-try!

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