The Top 5 Tajine Restaurants In Marrakesh That Are Worth The Calories

Moroccan dishes are undeniably one of the reasons why tourists flock to Marrakesh and keep coming back for more – it just never disappoints! This beautiful destination is known for its iconic dish, tajine, whose name is derived from a cooking pot with a cone-shaped lid made of clay. Tajine is a traditional slow-cooked stew made up of different varieties of meats and fruits, and seasoned with Moroccan spices. This classic Moroccan dish is a must-try when you’re in the vibrant city of Marrakesh. If you fancy a hearty tajine, but you’re not sure where to go, check out this list of the top 5 tajine restaurants in Marrakesh:

La Table Du Riad

 La Table du Riad is one of the best local restaurants you’ll find amongst other diners at Marrakesh’s chic riad, Riad 72. Here’s where you’ll find both modern and traditional Moroccan dishes. While the à la carte menu changes daily according to ingredients being delivered, La Table du Riad serves unique dishes rarely served at other restaurants, like the Tajine Marrakchia, Saffron Chicken Tajine and Rabbit Tajine – topped with raisins, candied lemon, and green olives.

La Maison Arabe

Literally translating to “The Arab House”, La Maison Arabe boasts unique architecture and traditional Moroccan crafts, completing its ambience. If you want to get a taste of Morocco – and we’re talking recipes orally passed down from elders, La Maison Arabe is the place to be. Dadas (traditional Moroccan female chefs) here prepare some of the finest home-made tajines that will tickle your taste buds! For a complete culture trip, head down to La Maison Arabe – this place exudes authenticity like no other.


L’ibzar is a pure blend of ancient and modern-day Marrakesh. This restaurant serves home-cooked tajines prepared to perfection by its owner and operator, Assia, who’s always around to make sure you’re enjoying your meal. Don’t forget to try the Mrouzia (lamb tajine with almonds and dried raisins), Tajine Kedra (lamb tajine with almonds and shallots), and the Djaj M’DerbeI chicken while you’re there. Once again, tajine options you’ll find at L’ibzar stand out against other regular tajine restaurants, so make sure you give it a shot.

Chez Bejganni

If you love a good bite at one of the hottest street-side cafes in Morocco, this one’s for you. Located in Rue Ibn Aïcha, Marrakesh’s coolest district, Chez Bejganni serves some of the best street food and quick eats. Go ahead and order some of the Chez Bejganni’s popular dishes like the Lemon Chicken Tajine, Kefta and Egg Tajine. If you’re here on a weekday, you’ll catch plenty of locals flocking this spot at lunchtime – Chez Bejganni is known for its quick service and mouth-watering cheap eats!

Dar Cherifa

Literary café by day, and romantic dining room by night, Dar Cherifa serves some of the most unique and flavourful dishes you’ll find in Marrakesh – Seffa with chicken gizzards topped with cinnamon and icing sugar, and a calf’s foot garnished with nuts and dates. If you’re feeling less adventurous – don’t fret! You can always order a vegetarian Berber Tajine while admiring Marrakesh’s finest ancient architectures in the Mouassine district.

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