The ENTERTAINER: 1000s of Offers in Your Pocket

Anyone who says, “You can have too much of a good thing” has clearly never had the ENTERTAINER app. 😏 Why? Because the app has six categories containing 1000s of offers, all in one convenient location – your phone! Which means saving while living your best life is now easier than ever! 

Now that we’ve piqued your interest, let’s dive into each category and show you how the app will change your life: 

  1. Food & Drink

Whether you’re a long-term customer or a first-time user of the app, you probably already know about the oodles of fantastic food & drink offers. With the app, you’ll save while you grab breakfast or a quick coffee, enjoy brunch, eat everything you can at a buffet, go for dinner – casual or fancy, and even dig into dessert any time of the day.  

Whatever you want, just name it and the ENTERTAINER has it.  

Craving pizza for dinner in Oman? You’re in luck, because you can get 20% off your total bill, or a 2-for-1 large calzone or pizza from Impasti Pizzeria. Cravings sorted! 


  1. Beauty & Fitness

Moving on to other things you need in your life…a massage or beauty treatment must be high on your list, right? Don’t worry, we got you!  

The app is filled with the very best beauty & fitness offers, from tanning to facials, manicures, waxing, hair salons, men’s grooming *takes deep breath*, yoga, gym memberships, fitness classes, Pilates, and so much MORE.  

For instance, check out Spaces Spa & Salon (Dubai); they have a ton of treatments to suit your every need, like a 2-for-1 Gelish manicure and pedicure. Which means you can use it with a friend, or you can come back and get your nails done – again for FREE. Go on. Treat yourself! 


  1. Attraction & Leisure

Are you ready for your next adventure? If so, it’s a good time to mention the next category: Attraction & Leisure.  

It’s filled with all things FUN in and around your city. We’ve got offers fit for the whole fam, couples, or friends. Here you’ll discover loads of exceptional experiences that are bucket-list-worthy, all at the click of a finger.  

Looking for a desert thrill ride in Abu Dhabi? Emirates Tours & Safari has an offer for that! Choose from a 2-for-1 half-day desert and safari dinner, morning desert safari, or Abu Dhabi city tour. Don’t tell anyone, but this is actually one of our favourite categories. 😉 


  1. Fashion & Retail

Phew, we’re only halfway through our categories, and there are still so many more cool things to come. Up next is Fashion & Retail, for all you shopaholics out there (us included).  

Whether you’re after luxurious jewellery, pining after gorgeous perfumes, or looking for 50% off 2 bespoke hand-tailored shirts from 800 Knights (Dubai), this category has you covered. Name a better combo than shopping ’til you drop and saving while you’re at it. We’ll wait. 


  1. Everyday Services

We’ve literally thought of everything. We’ve covered food, fashion, activities, and beauty, but we decided to be the best app ever and cover the necessities, too – those everyday services that slip your mind or are too admin-intensive.  

For example, your car. It probably needs a clean or service. And you’re delaying it because it’s pricey and too much effort. Well, worry no more, because Mysyara Auto Care (Abu Dhabi) has 50% off doorstep waterless interior or exterior cleaning, or 50% off a minor car service. And that’s just ONE of the services on the app.  

Like we said, we’re here to make your life easier.  


  1. Travel

Last but not least, the category you’ve been looking forward to the most: Travel. They say work fills your pocket, but adventure fills your soul. And that is the very motto we – and you should – live by.  

Choose from stunning staycations or full-blown vacations with the ENTERTAINER. On the topic of staycations, if you’re in Oman, you simply must check out the Crowne Plaza Muscat. It boasts breathtaking panoramic views of the Gulf of Oman and is nestled at the tip of Qurum Beach.  


Phew, we’re exhausted after covering the tip of the offers iceberg! But now you know a little more about each category and what the ENTERTAINER has to offer you, so our job here is done. Happy saving! 🎉 

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