Fun things for kids to do this Ramadan

Ramadan can be a joyous but also a stressful time for parents trying to find fun things for kids to do who just happen to have shorter days at school and a lot more free time. So what exactly do you do with your kids this Ramadan in the UAE?

Throw fasting parents into the mix and you have a whole other host of problems to deal with. This is why we’ve decided to help the parents out and give you a quick and easy list of places to keep the little ones happy right up till iftar!

iFLY Dubai Indoor Skydiving: First Time Flyer Ticket

Estimated Savings: AED220
Location: Mirdif City Centre

What child wouldn’t want to soar to new heights and free fall from the air? No, I’m not suggesting you throw them out of a plane anytime soon (even if they have been particularly naughty), but how about taking them along to iFly Dubai where they can play at being Peter Pan for the day. An unforgettable experience which will leave them buzzing for days.

Adventure Zone: 60Min or 90Min Adventure Zone Admission

Estimated Savings: AED100
Location: Times Square Centre Dubai and Dalma Mall Abu Dhabi

If your kids are bouncing off the walls we may have found the perfect place for them to get rid of that abundance of energy. At Adventure Zone your little or big cherubs can literally climb, jump, run, leap, bounce and hang from all sorts of surfaces. Offering daredevils the chance to experience outdoor sports but in the comfort of the air conditioning.

Bounce Inc: General Access

Estimated Savings: AED85
Location: Al Quoz Dubai and Marina Mall Abu Dhabi

This epic indoor trampoline park with one of the best atmospheres around will have your kids thinking you’re the coolest parents ever. Bounce with its wall-to-wall trampolines and obstacles to jump over, welcomes beginners, kids, amateurs, adults and professionals, so don’t be shy!

MK Fencing Academy: 50% Off Kids Group Training Session

Estimated Savings: AED105
Location: Raffles International School

Need something with a bit of pizazz to keep the interests of your children? Then fencing might just be the ticket. The outfits, rules and showmanship involved are all part of the fun and sooner or later, you’re little terrors (sorry, we mean angels) will be running around shouting “En Garde” in no time!

Natalia Gymnastics Club: 50% Off Kids Class

Estimated Savings: AED40
Location: Raffles International School

We’ve always been fascinated by gymnasts and their incredible bendy abilities and if your little tykes are driving you mad, rolling around the floor and making up dance routines, then gymnastics will be a great investment for both them and you. Take them along and watch their creativity blossom!

Emirates Bowling Village: 60Min Royal VIP Bowling Lounge

Estimated Savings: AED1000
Location: Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi

The bowling village is an awesome indoor family entertainment spot that has cool things to do including a royal VIP lounge and indoor multi-sport courts to enjoy bowling, archery, billiard, table tennis, bubble bowling, bubble soccer, foot darts and badminton. It’s a winner for the whole family to be honest!

Ginger Dance & Arts: Eight Kids Classes

Estimated Savings: AED500
Location: Al Markaziyah, Abu Dhabi

Ginger is a fabulous place for kids to express themselves through all kinds of creative mediums including dance, singing and photography. It’s the perfect place to keep young minds occupied and they’ll come away happy and smiling, every single time. We’re sure of it.

Kidz Factory: AED200 Credit

Estimated Savings: AED200
Location: Dalma Mall, Abu Dhabi

From arts, crafts, hobbies, dancing, science experiments, cooking and games. Kidz Factory is chock full of fun things to do for your little ones. It’s impossible for them to be bored here and to be honest, we wouldn’t mind joining in on some of the activities because they look awesome!

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