9 School Break Activities to Squeeze in Before it’s Over

School is almost back in session, which means you only have a limited amount of time left to do as many fun activities as possible with your little ones. Before that bell rings and brings you back to your lunchbox-packing reality, we’ve put together a list of school break activities you simply must squeeze in while you can!


  1. Harrie’s Pancakes

We’ve never met a kid who didn’t like pancakes. Or an adult, for that matter. Which is exactly why Harrie’s Pancakes simply has to be on your list – right at the very top. If you do nothing else before the school break’s over, at least have a delicious South-African-inspired breakfast here. Choose from sweet or savoury pancake options or opt for something a little more traditional. Whatever you pick, it’s sure to be the highlight of your child’s life.

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  1. Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

This is a firm fave for a reason, especially for kids. The Dubai Aquarium is home to the largest acrylic panel, 48-meter-long tunnel, and glass-bottom boat rides, which means you get the most unique views of sea life. It’s really an experience like no other!

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  1. FabyLand

Listen, we know that school breaks are a little… rough (to say the least). Trying to keep your kids entertained is an extreme sport. Throw in the heat and it’s basically the world’s toughest marathon. Well, we’ve found the perfect energy-expending spot for you, and it’s called FabyLand! It features state-of-the-art game machines, rides, and a play area. We’re talking bumper cars, a climbing wall, a happy swing, and endless video games. There are so many ways for your child to use up all their energy in one go so they come home ready for a nap. You’re welcome. 😏

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  1. Keventers

Sweet treats for your sweet little ones sounds like a no-brainer to us! And we can’t think of anywhere better to take them than Keventers – home to some of the most delicious extraaaaa thick shakes and delicious desserts. Choose from flavours like Belgian Chocolate, Ferrero Roche, or Lotus Biscoff, just to name a few. You may have to go back a few times before the school break ends.

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  1. Sparky’s Ice Rink

Although it’s in the name, this joint isn’t just an ice rink. Oh no, they have bowling, 4D cinemas, rides for adults and kids alike… it’s basically your one-stop-shop for all things FUN! And, yes, they do have ice skating, which is something almost every child is obsessed with. You really can’t go wrong with a full day at Sparky’s.

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  1. Emirates Park Zoo

We’ve already mentioned that kids absolutely LOVE animals, and Emirates Park Zoo is no exception to that rule. They have more than 1,800 animals and 250 species, and they have a daily show that lets you get up close and personal with selected animals, like Sonja the sea lion, or their two Indian elephants. You may even be able to feed a few of them! So cool, right? Your family is going to have the best time here!

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  1. Papa Johns

Pizza makes the world go ’round, especially if you get it from Papa Johns! It’s also great for any meal. Lunch? Dinner? Pizza breakfast the next day? Leftover pizza! Treat your kids to one of their signature pizzas, like their classic Pepperoni or All The Meats, before they have to go back to packed lunchboxes.

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  1. Oman Aquarium

If you can’t make it to the Dubai aquarium, never fear! There’s one right in Oman, too, and they’re ready and waiting to teach your little ones all about sea life with over 30,000 aquatic animals in over 55 exhibits. It was built based on the adventures of the famous Omani seafarer, Ahmed Bin Majid, who travelled the world – from Oman to India, South Africa, and even Indonesia. Race you there?

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  1. Fun Block

Last, but not least, is Fun Block – an indoor play area for kids from 3-14 years old. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Children have way too much energy, and we need to find a way to let them get it all out so we (parents) can relax. 🤣 It’s the only way to do school break the right way!

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There you go: 9 school break activities that will let you have the best time as a family before it’s back to busy days and homework-filled afternoons.

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