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The Best Ways To Spend Your Weekend!

With the holy month of Ramadan expected to start this weekend, you may be thinking that everything’s on lockdown. But, that my friends, is where you’re wrong! There are loads of places still open over Ramadan, including these amazing places!…

The Best Of May’s Monthly Offers!

Who had a great April? Well, now it’s time to have an even better May with your ENTERTAINER Monthly Offers! You all know by now that every month there are an extra few offers available in your purchased ENTERTAINER App product which you can…

A Spot Of Sunset Yoga At Talise Spa

We all have those days when countless cups of strong coffee and a glass-half-full mentality just aren’t enough to shake that slightly off balanced and all-round blah feeling. However, there is something you can do which is guaranteed to leave you…

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