You Know You’re Addicted To Hummus When…

Who else is addicted to hummus? Silky smooth with just the right hit of garlic and the most dippable of all dips we are a little in love with our little chickpea snack. In fact, we’re so obsessed we may have even used it as a facemask once… Don’t judge.

If you agree with 2 or more of the following statements then you too have an unhealthy addiction to hummus…

Anything becomes a dipping device for hummus… Spoons, fingers, stationary…

You hate hummus haters and actively shun them.

All your friends are settling down, getting married, having babies and you’re just like…

You always bring the hummus to the parties, just to be on the safe side. Because a dry Nacho is a big no no.

When you see a chickpea, all you see is untapped potential.

If it weren’t for hummus, you probably wouldn’t go anywhere near a raw vegetable.

Your winning chat-up lines all revolve around hummus.

And when someone steals your hummus you’re prone to violence.

Oh, hummus we do love you… Perhaps more than our significant other and our kids… That’s acceptable, right?

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Rebecca Bruce

Rebecca Bruce

Writing is my passion and is now luckily, my job. I'm currently the Content Editor here at the ENTERTAINER, so I spend most of my days writing about fun things to see, do and explore. When I'm not doing that I'm either watching Game of Thrones, listening to Old Skool RnB or eating (eating can be a hobby, right?).

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