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app tricks

By now you will all be aware that the app has had a major overhaul. It’s brought about some divided opinions but in the ENTERTAINER office, we use it day in day out and we love it. Once we got used to a few tweaks and changes, we’ve got admit, it’s so much better. We’ve also got some app tricks up our sleeve to share with you.

Now, we hear you sighing in frustration. We also imagine you’re gearing up to tell us how much you miss the old version of the app. The thing is, we know change is hard. No one particularly enjoys it but we promise we have altered a few key things in the app (and kept many of the old features too) that will honestly make using the app better for everyone, and that we think you should know about. So here are our top app tricks –

App tricks

Live Chat

You may have already known this existed but for those who didn’t, here’s the low down. Open the app and click on your profile. Once there click on the setting cog and scroll down to Help and Support. The Live Chat team are available 24/7 and are the perfect go-to for when you need immediate assistance with a delivery gone awry or issues redeeming an offer. We hope you don’t need to use it but if you ever find yourself in a pickle, please give it a try!

app tricks


This has been around for a while but we feel like we need to emphasise the point. You get a discount EVERY time you place an order through the ENTERTAINER. There is a 25% off offer that never expires and will be applied to your bill automatically no matter how many times you order. It’s the ultimate app trick and we just needed to remind you all, because who doesn’t love cheap food?

app tricks

Infinite Offers

You’re probably wondering what we mean by infinite offers. Well, one of the major changes that has happened is, we created a whole new type of offer that will never disappear. These offers are ORANGE in the app and are similar to Monthly Offers; except these are available all year-round. These infinite offers include 50% off pool days, 25% off when shopping online at certain stores, 50% off gym memberships and so.much.more.

So remember, any offer in orange is there for life. Bookmark it because we know you’re going to be going to the pool every weekend now with our crazy good selection of pool and beach access offers…

Search in Abundance

Now, this is a crowd divider. The search functionality is causing a stir but we’ve got to tell you, it really has honestly improved. In the previous app, you had to type a merchants name exactly to find a result. That meant, if there was a capital letter or an apostrophe in the name and you didn’t type it – it wouldn’t appear. That’s a problem of the past with our new flexi-search. Boy is it easy breezy to just click that search bar on the home page and type whatever we want and find dozens of offers at our fingertips.

Whether you knew about these features or not, these are just a few of our app tricks. Despite a few changes here and there we’re the same fun-loving mega saving app we’ve always been and we’re proud to know that 1000s of people are better off by having our smiley face installed in their phone.

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