How To Burn Your ENTERTAINER Smiles!

In line with our motto, ‘there’s always something to smile about‘, we want to ensure you get the chance to beam from ear to ear by utilising your Smiles. Need a reminder on what they are, and how to burn them? Here you go!

We’ll let you in on how to burn them in a moment, but first, let’s just remind you a bit about them…

– What are Smiles?

A virtual currency system that works a bit like a rewards or loyalty program. You can earn Smiles in many different ways, and as you use the App, you will easily see how many Smiles you are earning.

– And how do you earn them?

Here’s how you can, and have been earning them this year:

Redeem! Earn Smiles for every redemption you make at your favourite locations on your ENTERTAINER.

Earn Badges & Levels! Complete tasks set on your App for the chance to earn Badges. Every time you complete said tasks, you will earn 200 Smiles. Or, you can move up Levels by making more redemptions! And yes, this means you can earn 500 Smiles each time you go up in the ranks!

Now, how do you burn them?

Well, a number of ways, but let us elaborate on each of them.

1. Buyback: Have a fav place on your ENTERTAINER, but used all of your offers? Let Smiles help you out, by allowing you to buy back your offers (members only).

2. PINGS: Have your friends been asking you to PING them all of their favourite offers and now you’ve run out? Not to worry, you can get an extra 10 PINGS, by spending 1,000 Smiles (members only).

So, get earning, and burning!

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