5 Easier Ways To Save With ENTERTAINER 2018

Saving just became even easier. Each year, we like to update your App, to make your life simpler. So, what’s new for 2018? And how can you save even more this year?

5 easier ways to save with your ENTERTAINER 2018 App

Redeeming your offers

To all the forgetful members of the ENTERTAINER, rejoice! Gone are the days of you having to remember, then input your personal pin into your App to redeem your offer. From 2018, all you will have to do is:

  1. Click on the offer you want to redeem
  2. Give your device to the merchant, who will then click on the box, input their pin, and voilà!

Your screen will look very similar to this:

Your new categories

Retail & Services have decided it’s best to take a break, and we have instead split them into two categories: Fashion & Retail, and Everyday Services. Which brings us on to our next point…

Try before you buy, with Welcome Gift

In 2018, non-members will be able to try the ENTERTAINER, before they buy it, with our new Welcome Gift. So, you must still make sure you register with ENTERTAINER, and once you’ve registered, you will have access to the following:

  • Fashion & Retail: discover savings to be made in your favourite retail outlets! Non-members will receive one offer for each merchant listed under Fashion & Retail, as well as the category mentioned below, Everyday Services
  • Everyday Services: from parking to dry cleaning, your ENTERTAINER will have you covered
  • ENTERTAINER getaways: sitting prettily under the Hotels Worldwide tab, getaways is our brand new in-app booking engine, which offers exclusive rates on over 550,000 hotels worldwide

Types of new offers

We’re all so used to the ENTERTAINER’s 2 for 1 offers, which, of course, are amazing, but this year we thought we’d spice it up a little bit. What types of offers can you redeem now?

  • 2 for 1: As if we could rid of this one. Our incredible buy one get one free offers (which are represented as 1 for 1 if you’re in Singapore and Malaysia)
  • Percentage off: Get a fixed percentage off when you redeem an offer of a known value
  • Spend this, get that: Get a fixed amount back, when you spend a fixed amount (e.g. get AED 100 back when you spend AED 1000)
  • Gift: Get a free Gift when you go to a merchant on a specific date/time (e.g. a free surprise gift or bottle on your birthday when you visit specific merchants – now you can’t say fairer than that, can you?)
  • Package: Purchase a group of things you cannot usually buy together (for ENTERTAINER members)

How to access new offers

You will no longer find new offers under the ‘New’ tab. Instead, as soon as an offer is active on the App, it will be shown as ‘new’ for 30 days on the merchant listing screen. This will be the case for all new offers from February, right up until December.

Got it? Phew! So, get ready to start using these 5 easier ways to save. Happy new year!

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