Dubai’s 2018 Offers You Should Start Using Now

Of course, we’ve loved every single day of 2017, and using every single one of our ENTERTAINER 2017 offers. However, with a new year, comes new offers, and we couldn’t be more excited to start redeeming them! What do our 2018 offers have in store for you?

Some of our favourite 2018 offers

Get some LPG love at Esthetic Sense

Location: Golden Mile
Estimated savings: AED 350

Hands up – who has eaten way too many mince pies, drunk too many glasses of grape, and not got enough exercise in over the festive period? A few of us are guilty! This year, opt for another way of toning up, by choosing a safe, painless treatment which will drastically improve cellulite in all areas, saddlebags, loose sagging skin, & localised fat. Esthetic Sense’s LPG (Lipomassage) Body Session will provide you with a deep massaging action, that’ll increase your circulation, and help get rid of any toxins! At two for the price of one, you can continue your quest for half the price!

Feel well, at… Feel Well

Location: Dubai Herbal & Treatment Centre
Estimated savings: AED 440, AED 375

Or how about purifying yourself with a facial, and getting that instant glow as you head into January? This little hidden gem is a truly gorgeous wellness destination, and is tucked in Dubai Herbal & Treatment Centre right next to EAT WELL. Designed towards holistic healing rather than simple indulgence, you can benefit from both a 50-Min Feel Purified Facial, and a 50-Min Feel Cleansed Massage – they have you sorted, from head to toe.

Give your car a makeover with Automotive Repair Systems

Location: Al Quoz
Estimated savings: AED 325

Because you’re not the only one who wants to start the new year feeling refreshed and revitalised – it’s time to treat your car, too! Take it down to Al Quoz for its very own makeover, where you can receive 50% off a SMART Paint Scuff & Scratch Repair. A win win for both of you, really.

Spinning, Meditation or Aquaspin at Fairmont The Palm – the choice is yours

Location: Fairmont The Palm
Estimated savings: AED 75, 112, 187 for 1, 3 and 5 respectively for all offers

From cars to bikes, it’s time to hop on the seat of a spin bike at Fairmont The Palm, where you can now redeem an amazing 50% Off 1, 3 or 5 Spinning Classes at the Health Club. Or how about taking it underwater, and opting for Aquaspin instead? With zero impact on the joints, this fully body workout consists of using the water resistance to move the pedals, ensuring many calories get burned. Once you’re completely exhausted, take advantage of 50% off 1, 3 or 5 Group Meditation Sessions, where you can practise perfecting your breathing, before spinning again!

Try a very different way to get fit at Bubble Soccer

Location: Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road
Estimated savings: AED 720

Continuing the whole getting fit, staying healthier theme, we’re also excited to introduce you to a fabulously fun new way to get active, in the form of Bubble Soccer. Slot neatly inside your bubble – which will come in handy when you’re bouncing off the other players – and have a laugh with your friends as you attempt to haul yourself back up off of the floor after bumping into one too many other players. So, don’t worry about not knowing the offside rule, or if you’re yet to score your first ever penalty, because none of this matters here. If one hour is enough for one day, make sure you do come back and make the most of your complimentary 60-Min Session, courtesy of your ENTERTAINER.

Book in for date night at Le Patio

Location: St. Regis Dubai
Estimated savings: AED 135

Once all the exercise and pampering is done, we’re sure you’ll have worked up an appetite, and one of the best places this year to refuel is the simply stunning Le Patio at the St. Regis Dubai. This chic, open-air eatery is located within the central courtyard of the hotel, allowing you to unwind amongst the olive trees and water features, while sampling delicious Middle Eastern delicacies. With 2 for 1 offers on Main Courses, Le Patio would surpass all expectations of the ideal date night.

And one for vegetarians and vegans? Take a look at Urth by Nabz & G

Location: JLT
Estimated savings: AED 37

With a holistic approach to eating, and specialising in vegan, vegetarian, and raw cuisine, uber cool eatery Urth by Nabz & G prepare all their colourful creations from scratch, using fresh ingredients that are free from preservatives. Whats on the menu? Truffle Mushroom Risotto Cakes, Butternut Squash Curry & Spaghetti with Vegan Meatballs, so choose some good ol’ classics, or venture out and try something new. P.S. their interiors are Instagram-worthy too.

It’s time to shoe shop at Steve Madden

Location: Various, including Dubai Marina Mall, MOE & Ibn Battuta Mall
Estimated savings: Spend 300, Save 75; Spend 500, Save 125; Spend 400, Save 100

Now, because all that shopping for the holidays wasn’t enough, are you after boots, flats, sandals, heels, lace-ups, a handbag, some sunglasses, or perhaps a hat – and the list goes on… Men and women of Dubai, get spending in the sales at iconic footwear brand Steve Madden, and make the most of our new category, Fashion & Retail!

Continue the festivities at Burger & Lobster

Location: Burj Daman Building, DIFC
Estimated savings: AED 50, 80, 200

If the party isn’t over, then ring in 2018 with some celebrations at the restaurant that aims its focus on perfecting two things: Burger & Lobster. Luckily for you, their beverages are extremely good too, and just as well with 2 for 1 offers on the likes of a nice Bottle of House Grape.

And if you don’t want to get off your sofa, TGI Friday’s delivers!

Location: Various, including Dubai & Abu Dhabi
Estimated savings: AED 80

Not just our favourite, but a favourite shared by many, TGI’s will now be available for delivery on the App! As if there wasn’t enough excitement over the new year, we now know that we can sit on our sofa, order a huge plate of ribs and chips and not have to move a muscle – ecstatic.

Now you know the options, it’s up to you to start 2018 with a bang, with your amazing 2018 offers. Happy new year!

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