Perception vs Reality Of Dubai Living

Dubai. Home of the prettiest skyscrapers, world’s largest shopping mall and of course, a 7* hotel! A place where lots of us here at the ENTERTAINER have been happy to call home for a while, and a place that is very far from some people’s perceptions. So it’s only fair we let you in on why we’re so in love with the sandpit!

Perceptions vs reality

Dining out is very expensive vs the ultimate money-saving app (yes, your ENTERTAINER)

Granted, Dubai has its fair share of über luxurious restaurants, which some might think will break the bank. But just as much as the city is filled with amazingly chic dining locations, it also boasts the best money-saving app (yes, that’s right, we do mean us!) If you’d like to revel in views of Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah on the 52nd floor while tucking into a succulent steak, Dubai offers stunning dining options such as The Observatory, while your ENTERTAINER lets you receive 2 for 1 offers on your Main Courses. Or perhaps you’d prefer to go completely all out, and dine at Bab Al Yam at the Burj Al Arab (yep, the previously mentioned 7* hotel) – ask for a table outside, and bask in the serene surroundings of the sun setting over the ocean. Are we winning you over yet?

Dubai isn’t pet friendly vs taking your furry friends to lunch

The perception that our much loved pets don’t live great lives out here couldn’t be further from the truth – they are more than spoilt! But how spoilt, we hear you ask? Not only have they been treated to their very own fully-enclosed dog only park – aptly named Bark Park, and featuring a paddling pool, as well as numerous lights for when it gets dark – they can also be your lunch date when you’re feeling a bit peckish. Want to treat yourself (and your furry friend) to some pub grub? Visit Barrel 12 and let your pup relax too on the pet-friendly patio by the water. Or perhaps your pampered pooch’s coat is in need of a trim ASAP (how dare you let their standards drop) – luckily for you, a quick trip to Shampooch, and they’ll be as good as new.

Can you even go out in Dubai? vs the best nights out

We don’t know about you, but the most common questions we get asked by our friends overseas usually include the following: ‘But can you actually do anything in Dubai?’, ‘Are you allowed to wear a swimsuit?’, and ‘Just how strict is it out there?’ Believe it or not, it is possible to have fun, and the list of must-visit places for a fabulous night out is never-ending. From chic ladies’ nights and lively evening brunches at the likes of Tribeca, to karaoke-filled evenings in Lucky Voice and rocking out with the band at Lock, Stock & Barrel, if you’re looking for a sizzlin’ spot to spend your night, you won’t be short of options.

Brunching vs running errands and completing chores

Sure, we do often set our Fridays and Saturdays aside for brunch, but we promise that’s not how we always spend our weekends. However, when it does come to doing our chores, we are very lucky to have lots of helping hands here in Dubai, from Camel Car Wash, to cleaning services. And what happens when we need to pop out and run an errand? Well, we just need to hop into our cards, click on our ENTERTAINER app, search for GreenParking and receive 50% off our Parking Tickets once we’ve arrived!

Limited number of vegetarian/gluten free/healthy restaurants vs which one to visit first

While it’s arguable that there seems to be a Hardee’s or Burger King every five minutes along the motorway in Dubai, we do also have our fair share of healthier dining options, as well as many sought after vegetarian and gluten free speciality spots! There’s no need to feel guilty about being the picky one of the group, when you can visit fine dining French establishments such as Bistro des Arts, or great gastropubs like The Croft, and order menu items perfect for your dietary requirements.

So as you can see, the reality is that we could go on and on about our favourite city. Thanks to our ENTERTAINER, it we can continue to explore and enjoy the things we have to do, as well as the things we want to do, for a fraction of the price.

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