Perception vs Reality Of Abu Dhabi Living

Welcome to Abu Dhabi where we do things a little different! Meaning ‘Land of the Gazelle’ in Arabic, Abu Dhabi was founded with no more than 300 palm – barasti- huts, a few coral buildings and the Ruler’s fort. Over the past few years, Abu Dhabi has been transformed to a cosmopolitan city where cultures of the world unite. Yet, many people have the wrong perception about what this beautiful city can offer. That’s why we at the ENTERTAINER piled a list of perceptions VS reality about our stunning capital. And don’t forget, don’t judge a book by its cover…!

Perceptions vs reality

There’s nothing to do in Abu Dhabi vs Entertainment for all the family

Lets face it – with Dubai as a neighbor – stealing all the spotlight, people tend to forget and ignore some of the most spectacular places and things to do in Abu Dhabi. From the fastest roller coaster in the world at Ferrari world to a mega water park at Yas Waterworld, from the most luscious green golf course at Yas Links to kayaking around the natural mangrove with Noukhada Adventure Company …need to we say more? Oh, don’t worry we will!

People in Abu Dhabi aren’t into sports vs A big sports community is booming

It is not a hidden fact that living in Abu Dhabi has a slower pace than Dubai but it doesn’t mean people aren’t sports fanatics. Zayed Sports City, this giant sports complex is home to everything from basketball and beach volleyball facilities to tennis courts, a football stadium and a fitness centre. It also has a very affordable bowling alley and an ice rink open to visitors and can we say you can use your ENTERTAINER there too!

Is there anything to do there in the evening? vs the best nights out

We don’t know about you, but the most common questions we get asked by our friends overseas usually include the following: ‘But can you actually in Abu Dhabi?’, ‘Are you allowed to wear a swimsuit?’, and ‘Just how strict is it out there?’ Believe it or not, it is possible to have fun, and the list of must-visit places for a fabulous night out is never-ending. From chic ladies’ nights and lively brunches at the likes of Asia de Cuba to fun-filled evenings in porter’s pub and rocking out with the band at trader Vic’s, if you’re looking for a sizzlin’ spot to spend your night, you won’t be short of options.

Brunching vs running errands and completing chores

Sure, we do often set our Fridays and Saturdays aside for brunch, but we promise that’s not how we always spend our weekends. However, when it does come to doing our chores, we are very lucky to have lots of helping hands here in Abu Dhabi, from, to Bright & Shine Laundry services. Your ENTERTAINER got you covered!

So as you can see, the reality is that we could go on and on about our favourite city. Thanks to our ENTERTAINER, it we can continue to explore and enjoy the things we have to do, as well as the things we want to do, for a fraction of the price!


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