Weekend Inspiration From The Best Fitness Instagram Accounts

If, like us, you like to escape the walls of your apartment whenever you get the chance, we have found the best fitness Instagram accounts that’ll inspire you to get active this weekend. After reading this, we guarantee you will get out of bed with a spring in your step, and will be ready to attack the day!

#1 Steph – @tranquil_steph

Our beautiful cover girl, Steph, fills her feed with a number of sensational shots that just make us want to go out and practise our yoga poses right away! If we needed any more of a reason to start perfecting our headstands, this is it!

#2 Gbemi – @dubaifitfoodie

Never without a smile, Gbemi makes looking good effortless, and fun! What can you expect from her Insta? Positivity in the form of a happy face, food pictures (with recipes) and dance videos! She is the definition of strong is the new skinny.


#3 Maria – @m44ria

Super sweet Maria shares her active lifestyle all over Instagram, which makes us nothing but envious! Mixing up her workouts with paddleboarding, running and crossfit, she shows us that choosing various forms of exercise will help us to stay focused.

#4 Nadine – @glorygirlfit

We’re not jealous of Nadine’s pictures at all.. Okay, we lied! Featuring gorgeous travelling pictures with bright blue and stunning pink backdrops, this account proves that we can all achieve a healthy balance in life. Take a look at Nadine’s Insta first thing in the morning, and we promise it will make you get up and going in no time.

#5 Hanlie – @fitterstronger

The Queen of proving that anyone can get in shape at any age, Hanlie’s #50isthenew30 motto is one of the best things we have heard all year. Wanna be like her too? 1) Learn how to do crazy handstands. 2) Travel the world. 3) Hold said handstands in front of some of the world’s most iconic landmarks in the background (while someone snaps a picture, obviously).

#6 Jes – @peachseriesbyjesbody

Exuding a community feel, Jes’ account (and just her as a person) is proud to promote a vibrant, strong and healthy message to all of her followers. Keeping things real, she regularly posts tips, workout videos and achievements, that’ll inspire you to get building that booty, too!

#7 Jennifer – @jennifercfit

Proving that you can have children, and still have a hot bod, Jennifer is the epitome of consistency is key. Look her up for some fab home workout videos and one-handed handstands!

#8 Tarryn – @healthyhoffy

We are in awe of the strength this fabulous female has! With a combination of weight training, gymnastics and cardio videos, Tarryn gives us an insight into how she has achieved that body. Now, where shall we start?

How can we all look like this, we hear you ask? Easy! (Okay, maybe a little harder than than we think, but we all have to start somewhere, right?) Let the best fitness Instagram accounts inspire you to check out some new gyms and fitness locations this weekend, including a Yoga Class at Voyoga, or an Aquaspin Session at Fairmont the Palm Health Club. To make it a little easier, don’t forget you can receive 50% off your classes with your ENTERTAINER!

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