World Children’s Day in Dubai!

It’s World Children’s Day in Dubai and even though they can be a handful at times (read that as most of the time) we wouldn’t want the world to be devoid of the playfulness and joy that children exude. We all have an inner child and it’s the younger generation that reminds us to relax once in a while and just appreciate being alive!

We figured that kids love to play right and adults don’t mind a bit of cheeky fun now and then either. So we’ve put together some of our best offers for you to enjoy with a little person in tow.

The Green Planet: VIP Tour, Animal Encounter or Admission

Estimated Savings: AED184 or AED115
Location: City Walk
Our Opinion: The Green Planet invites the curious and adventurous, the young and the old to experience the unique beauty of the world’s oldest living ecosystem and learn to love the special diversity it holds within. Four levels of fascinating discoveries allow you to climb through the jungle and come face to face with live animals and beautiful plant life.

Splash Pad: 60Min Admission

Estimated Savings: AED65
Location: Jumeirah Beach Residence
Our Opinion: Splash Pad isn’t your average kid’s park! It’s a defined outdoor wet play area where toddlers and children of ages 1-10 years can frolic around in a wet ‘n’ wild park that is guaranteed to excite and keep you cool. It will definitely make for a memorable day out for you and your kids!

AirSoft Rifle Shooting: AirSoft Rifle Shooting

Estimated Savings: AED105
Location: Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club
Our Opinion: Sharjah Paintball Park is one of the biggest Airsoft adventure game sites in the Middle East. Airsoft Rifle Shooting offers two outdoor fields for airsoft games. They are aptly named the Warzone Field and Orient Field. It can accommodate up to 200 players at a time in one session and a maximum of 20 players in one team, so it’s the perfect place for a big kids party or a family day out!


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