Here’s Why A Summer Trip To Goa Is An Absolutely Brilliant Idea

Located on the West Coast of India, Goa is undeniably every traveller’s favourite beach destination. There’s no doubt that this place is famous for its hippie vibes, laid-back lifestyle, scenic beaches and serene hideouts. Goa is also home to an incredible historical and cultural heritage. It’s a fantastic destination to visit all year-round, but visiting Goa during the summer months will offer you quite a unique experience. Still feeling sceptical? Here’s why a summer trip to Goa is an absolutely brilliant idea:

You Get To Experience Goa’s Hippie Markets

Arporo’s Saturday Night Market is perfect for those who love anything colourful and authentic. This night market or bazaar caters to everyone, both locals and tourists – all equally as interested to experience Goa’s vibrant culture. Arporo’s Saturday Night Market offers souvenirs, open bars, live music and plenty of food stalls!

Learn More About The Basilica of Bom Jesus

The Basilica of Bom Jesus is quite a feast for the eyes if you love an excellent intricate design. This 400-year-old basilica is famous for its Baroque architecture and sophisticated interiors. It has also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is quite a big deal!

Perhaps Even Travel Back In Time At The Braganza House

Contrary to popular belief, Goa isn’t all about its white sandy beaches and crazy parties. It’s also home to a rich colonial history – where you’ll discover at the Braganza House. The two-storey vintage house is home to a vast collection of antique pieces and furniture, where you’ll learn more about the colonial history of the Portuguese in Goa.

Trek Goa’s Divine Waterfalls For A Little Adventure

If hippie markets and museums don’t excite you, perhaps trekking along the scenic pathways of the Mahavir Forest Reserve will! Take a step back and unwind in nature as you witness the magnificence of Dudhsagar Falls. The waters at Dudhsagar Falls also cascades a milky froth, making it a sight like no other!

Discover Hidden Gems Away From The Crowd

The summer months are the best time to visit Goa – simply because of the scarcity of tourists during the season. This means you’ll get a chance to discover some of Goa’s gems without having to beat the crowds. Learn more about Portuguese history at the Sinquerim Fort, catch a Greek performance at Thalassa, and explore Goa’s natural wonders at the Arvalem Caves.

From hippie markets to colonial houses and caves, there’s no denying that Goa has a lot to offer. If you’re keen to experience these beautiful places we’ve mentioned above, start packing your bags and book your vacation with ENTERTAINER getaways on your ENTERTAINER app to enjoy up to 60% off hotel rates!

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