A Guide To A Romantic Summer Getaway in Sardinia: Where To Go

Home to the second largest Italian island in the Mediterranean sea, Sardinia is full of natural wonder and beauty.

With its spectacular coastline, white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and bizarre and mysterious ancient ruins, Sardinia is a top vacation spot that is worth discovering. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway that offers a little bit of an adventure, then Sardinia might be what you’re looking for. Furthermore, you and your sweetheart get to romance for a little longer when you stay with ENTERTAINER getaways on your ENTERTAINER app! Check out our guide to a romantic summer getaway in Sardinia for inspiration on where to go:

Costa Smeralda (The Emerald Coast)

Named after its waters, Costa Smeralda is a glamorous tourist spot in Sardinia, located on the Northeastern coastline of the Mediterranean sea. The central town of Costa Smeralda, Porto Cervo, is where you’ll find the most luxurious hotels, resorts, restaurants and shopping malls. Spend your evening at Piazzetta, Porto Cervo and unwind with a beverage at some of the most elegant bars and restaurants in Sarlong Dinia. If you fancy a quieter atmosphere away from the bustling town of Costa Smeralda, you can head to San Pantaleo and Arzachena.

Castello, Cagliari

Despite being the largest city in Sardinia, Cagliari has still managed to retain its laid-back vibes and old-world charm. Watch in anticipation, as Vespas buzz through the tree-lined streets and locals haunt quaint little cafes by the marina. You can also go on an adventure and explore Cagliari’s famous hilltop citadel. The hilltop citadel, Il Castello, is Cagliari’s historic district and old quarter lined with narrow winding streets, 14th century palaces and the Cathedral of Santa Maria. It can’t possibly get any more charming than this! As golden hues illuminate medieval walls, Il Castello turns into the most romantic place at sunset.

Golfo di Orosei

Explore the Southern coast of Golfo de Orosei as you hop on a boat to admire limestone cliffs, crystal clear beaches, coves and grottos. head to Grotta del Bue Marino, South of the Port of Cala Gonone, to visit the stunning beaches of Cala Luna (a crescent-shaped beach set beneath towering cliffs), Cala Sisine, Cala Biriolas and Cala Mariolu. If hiking is your thing, then Selvaggio Blu will be your haven! Feed the adventurer in you and take a hike along Selvaggio Blu’s vast and imperial coastline, lined with thickly wooded ravines and incredible limestone formations. Despite being Italy’s toughest hike, this place will take your breath away like no other.

Gola Su Gorropu

Also known as the Grand Canyon of Europe, Gola Su Gorropu is located in Flumineddu Valley, a 30-minute drive away Cala Gonone. This spectacular gorge stands up to 500 metres high, making it a fantastic climbing and hiking spot. There are two main routes from the parking area – one steeper and more challenging than the other, more pedestrian route. Only experienced hikers are advised to embark on the full path, as this route requires scrambling over large boulders. Whichever route you pick, make sure you get an early start, as the weather can get a little toasty!

Whether you enjoy long walks on the beach or hiking up a gorge, there’s no denying that Sardinia has a lot to offer! What do you think of all these gems we’ve mentioned? If you’re keen to experience these beautiful places, start packing your bags and book your vacation now with ENTERTAINER getaways to get up to 60% off your hotel stay! Simply click on the ‘Travel’ tab of your ENTERTAINER app to view our hotel offers!

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