Your quick-fire guide to Al Quoz

The quirky area of Al Quoz in Dubai is very much like the Meat Packing District of New York. From the outside, it looks like a concrete jungle that you wouldn’t want to venture into. Do a little digging though and you’ll find that Al Quoz is the cool place to be these days.

Packed full of warehouses that seem very unsuspecting, Al Quoz is a maze of places to discover and we have collated a couple here for you to get you started –

The Smash Room: Smash & Dash

Estimated Savings: AED175
Location: Al Quoz
Our Opinion: Stressed to the max and have no way to chill out? We’ve got the perfect solution. Throw on some protective gear and let out all the pent up aggression on a host of objects just begging to be smashed to smithereens. It’s the most fun we’ve had in ages!
Top Tip: Go alone, take a playlist (because they let you play your own music) and get smashing!

Bounce Inc: Fitness Class or General Access

Estimated Savings: AED85
Location: Al Quoz, behind Ace Hardware
Our Opinion: It’s just so much fun here. We don’t care if you are young or old. We challenge anyone not to have a blast hurtling through the air and falling over in this bouncy haven.
Top Tip: Bring spare clothes, you’ll be getting hot and sweaty for sure!

Hint Hunt: One Hour HintHunt Experience

Estimated Savings: AED125
Location: Times Square Centre
Our Opinion: Think you’re the next Albert Einstein? You can put it to the test at Hint Hunt! Get yourself locked in a room and solve the clues to release yourself and your team. Challenging, but worth it.
Top Tip:
Bring your cleverest, calmest friends. You don’t want arguments breaking out while trying to escape.

TheJamJar: 25×25 Canvas Painting Session

Estimated Savings: AED85
Location: Al Serkal Avenue
Our Opinion: Everyone fancies themselves a little creative now and then and this is why we love TheJamJar. It doesn’t matter about your artistic skills here. Turn up, grab an apron and get dirty.
Top Tip: Bring friends, the workshops are better in groups.

Blue Wave: 50% Off Day Pass

Estimated Savings: AED38
Location: Al Quoz
Our Opinion: There is something for everyone in Al Quoz and Blue Wave is a prime example. Who would have thought a warehouse would contain a huge indoor waterpark?! We certainly didn’t but it’s the perfect place to take the kids to cool off and let off some steam.
Top Tip: They offer swimming lessons too, so why not book some before letting the kids loose.

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