Where You Can Find The Best Coffee Shops In Nairobi: A Kenyan Coffee Tour

Often referred to as the world’s wildlife capital city, Nairobi is a diverse cultural hub located in Kenya, East Africa. Despite being home to more than fifty of the world’s captivating national parks, Mombasa-style beach resorts, savannahs and stunning beaches, it’s also known for its exceptional coffee production. If you’re a caffeine addict travelling to Kenya and you love exploring coffee shops in a new country, check out where you can find the best coffee shops in Nairobi:

Java House – Yaya Centre

Holding more than 20 branches, Java House is one of the first coffee shops established in Nairobi and is home to one of Kenya’s finest hand-roasted coffees. If you want to get a taste of authentic Kenyan coffee, Java House is the place to be! This award-winning coffee shop sports both an indoor and outdoor seating option, with a children’s play area, making it the perfect spot for families. Make sure you order a kahawa coffee at Java House when you’re there.

Kaldis Coffee House

Kaldis Coffee House is a hot-spot favoured by locals in Nairobi and this quaint spot is not short of relaxing tunes, a vibrant atmosphere, top service and reasonable prices. Send your taste buds on a trip when you pair Kaldis amazing brews with a Kenyan cuisine on a beautiful summers day. There’s no better way to be welcomed into a new country than with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, cosy interiors and friendly locals!

Jumuia Coffee House

Located inside the iconic All Saints Cathedral compound (Kenya’s National Cathedral) on the upper side of Nairobi, Jumuia Coffee House overlooks the Uhuru Park and Central Park. This coffee shop also boasts panoramic views of Nairobi’s lush, green landscape – a perfect quiet hideout in the bustling city. Besides its stylish design, the Jumuia Coffee House exudes relaxing vibes, making it the ideal place for both personal and business meetings.

Point Zero Coffee

Embark on a culture trip when you bask in the ambience at Point Zero Coffee. This famous coffee shop is known for its proximity to the Nairobi National Gallery. Nestled between two significant buildings; the Nyayo House and the Victorian-style Nairobi National Gallery, Point Zero Coffee is a must-visit after a day spent sightseeing. Getting your caffeine fix while you’re in a tent full of African-inspired décor sounds lush, doesn’t it?


Artcaffe is known for its ridiculously fantastic coffee and delicious pastries in Nairobi – it’s no wonder that they’ve expanded to eight locations all over the city! As its name suggests, Artcaffe boasts stunning art, an outdoor balcony, a cocktail bar, a delightful bakery and groovy tunes to set the ambience. This trendy coffee shop always is also home to highly trained baristas, so you’re guaranteed to enjoy a good cuppa here.

The Tin Roof Café

Situated 200 metres away from the Karen Crossroad and nestled in a converted home, the Tin Roof Café is Nairobi’s coolest gastro-café, serving an array of homemade cakes, salads and sandwiches. This cosy boutique coffee shop is a fuse of a Surrey farmhouse and a Parisian pavement, all under a bright and airy African verandah. Unwind with a board game and a selection of books at the Tin Roof and let the aroma of freshly brewed Kenyan coffee take you away.

Feeling giddy from all the caffeine talk? Now you’ve got a perfect excuse to take a shot of espresso at one (or all) of these coffee shops we’ve listed above. Explore Kenya and embark on a coffee tour with ENTERTAINER getaways to enjoy up to 60% your vacation! Simply launch your ENTERTAINER app, click on the ‘Travel’ tab and start booking your hotel stay!

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