A short, but a good time in Bangkok

Known for its raunchy nightlife and impressive temples, Bangkok is excitement bursting at the seams. The warm friendly yim (smiles) from the locals is in abundance. Truly a shopping haven for those who appreciate a good bargain. Walk through the bustling markets to find your idea of treasure. Not to mention the amazing aromas from the street food that will have you salivating! In this city, you will experience frustration and euphoria at the same time. Just like a younger sibling, you will get confused at its whimsical ways, but cannot help but to fall in love with. This is our idea of a good time but a short time in Bangkok!

Experience street food galore in Khao San

No trip to Bangkok will be complete without experiencing the street food. Head down to Khao San to experience humble stalls serving up delicious street food, from savoury delights like the Khanom Krok (Fried Quail Eggs), well-mixed Pad Thai (Sticky Noodle Dish) and the sour yet fiery Som Tam (Spicy Papaya Salad). Thai food is simple but generously spiced, so if your taste buds have not built up a tolerance to hot flavours, these two words will come in handy – ‘Mai Phet’ means no spice in the local language. How to know if the food is good? The good ones will draw the crowd like bees to honey. You don’t have to remember these Thai names by heart. The locals here do speak English, but the food sure sounds more exotic in Thai, doesn’t it?

Quench your thirst at a quirky café

Double-storey cafes are becoming a thing in recent years. Lhong Tou, a Thai Chinese fusion cafe has given a new meaning to the word ‘double’. Due to space constraint, the owners thought of an ingenious way to ‘double’ up space. Customers can choose to sit at the upper deck by climbing up the little steps. The quirky interior is one of the reasons Instagrammers flock to this place, besides the fusion food and modern ambience. While you’re here snapping insta-worthy pictures, try their signature milk tea topped with crunchy peanuts. The frothy milk tea has a distinct taste like no other!

The Impressive Wat Pho

Bangkok has no shortage of temples to visit, but the most visually stimulating would be Wat Pho Temple, also the oldest. The main highlight is the statue of the Reclining Buddha, which is impressively large – 46 metres long, gilded in gold and, with its feet being adorned with mother of pearl illustrations. You can find 108 bowls, which represents 108 characteristics of the Buddha, alongside the wall of the viharn (chapel). Dropping pennies in each of these bowls is considered auspicious and grants good luck and long life to the giver. Please be dressed appropriately when visiting any temples in Thailand, your shoulders and knees should be covered. Don’t leave without experiencing an authentic Thai massage in the massage centre right inside the complex. You will get pulled and stretched like a pretzel by the therapists, but you will leave the temple feeling good!

Scavenger hunt at Chatuchak (Jatujak) Market

Happening only during the weekends, Chatuchak, located at Kamphaeng Rd is a larger than life outdoor market selling anything buyable. Think of it as a scavenger hunt. Tracking down the things you want to buy within the perimeter of thousands of stalls, to be exact – 15,000 stalls and counting. You can easily get lost and distracted in this shopping maze! Get a physical map at the visitor centres or download it online to find your way around! You will need an entire day to cover the whole market, some do it in two days!  It is not strange that you will find the same item at a different price within arm’s length in another store. So be patient, and bargain with a smile! There are small food and drink stalls within the market to grab a bite and relax with cool beverages. Take a break or two and cool off from the heat with a refreshing coconut ice cream, and then start again!

Golden temples, raunchy nightlife and amazing food! Nothing comes close to having a good time in Bangkok, in the city with contrasting natures! You will huge savings up to 60% off your hotel stay when you book with ENTERTAINER getaways on your ENTERTAINER app! Simply click on the ‘Travel’ tab of your ENTERTAINER app to view our hotel offers! Don’t forget to tag us #entertainergetaways on your mesmerizing Bangkok trip!

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