Meet Natalia Wiechowski, aka Think Natalia

Some days you just need an extra little motivation. A little bit of positivity to make your day great.

We met Natalia Wiechowski, aka Think Natalia, an inspirational lady who decided to chuck in her corporate career and follow her passion. Encouraging people to become the best versions of themselves. A bundle of energy who wears many hats as a speaker, writer, coach, v/blogger, brand ambassador, and much more. Her intention? To purposefully change her world and yours for the better.

Get to know her a little better with our interview.

Hi Natalia, it’s lovely to meet you! What are your top motivation tips for our readers?

1. Remind yourself of your higher purpose. 2. Watch early videos of your now internationally famous role models. 3. Reward yourself after achieving your targets. 4. Work with to-do-lists and write a journal. 5. Create a vision board. Take a look at my Youtube video for more:

What is your favourite quote?

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority it is time to pause and reflect.” Mark Twain

We can see you love to take care of your body and mind. What are your top health tips?

Learn to say no to people and things that threaten your peace of mind. Learn to listen to your body and its needs. Learn to love yourself with all of your great traits and flaws.

What would you say your top passions in life are?

Self-development, human behaviour, art (especially dance and music), and food!

Where are your favourite spots in Dubai?

Alserkal avenue, The farm Al Barari, and my bed (I love to sleep!).

How do you keep a balance between work life and home life?

I turned my passions into my career. That way work doesn’t feel like work.

We know you’re often a guest speaker at events, are there any upcoming events in Dubai that you think our readers would enjoy?

Nadi Al Quoz at the Alserkal avenue is a casual gathering space where people can go to unwind, work, meet new people and share ideas. Check out their programme! It’s epic!

Tell us about your favourite memory in Dubai?

The day I married myself on my 30th birthday. Click here to find out all about it!

Where is your favourite place to use your ENTERTAINER?

Maison Mathis at the Arabian Ranches.

Tell us a bit about your favourite Instagram accounts from the UAE that you like to follow?

@MyDubai, as it reminds me of the beautiful city we live in, @entmagazineme as they keep me up to date with business, and @entertainergcc as they inspire me to explore new venues.

Challenge your favourite person from Instagram to be interviewed by us.

@Aidagramm. There are heaps of great start-ups out there who need her stunning lifestyle pictures and to learn more abut the art of storytelling. The world needs her magic.

A huge thank you to Natalia for letting us get to know the lady behind her fantastic business. Remember to check out her blog, Instagram and Youtube channel for more motivational, positivity and life tips!

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