Breast Cancer Awareness Month: An ENTERTAINER Insider

Hi, I’m Charlotte!

I’m the worker bee behind the scenes, writing articles and keeping you updated on how best to use your ENTERTAINER and save some serious money; but today is breast cancer awareness day in our office and we’re doing something a little different. I want to share with you, a behind the scenes story about my own personal experience of breast cancer, to do my part in raising awareness and give you a more personal view of us here at the ENTERTAINER!

Think pink…

So, what do you think of when you see the colour pink? You might think pink is reserved for the dainty or the ‘girly’, but when I see the colour pink, I see strength, pain, life-altering decisions and a battle for life.

I’ve never been a fan of pink but since finding out I had breast cancer, I have an affiliation with it that was never there before. To this day though, I still can’t say I love it as it reminds me of so much I had to overcome.

Breast cancer awareness month might be littered with pink ribbons, cupcakes and posters but if that colour makes you think just for one second about someone you know who might be struggling, then it’s doing its job.

The truth of it is…

No one expects to be told they have cancer and that is cliché to say but you see people going through it, you wonder how you would feel in that situation and you probably tell yourself, the odds of it ever happening to you are so slim that it’s silly to worry about. I did that too, so when I was diagnosed just weeks after my 26th birthday, I was blown away.

Nothing can prepare you for the weekly hospital appointments, scans, drugs, injections, blood tests, biopsies, surgeries or the crazy decisions you have to make about your body that would never cross your mind otherwise. It affects your physical health, appearance, mental health, your family and all your close relationships for the rest of your life. Luckily for me, I had a whole army behind my back and that included my rock of a fiancé and my wonderful ENTERTAINER family.

Support and awareness are the key…

The ENTERTAINER was understanding, a great pillar of strength and a real champion throughout. My company and my fantastic colleagues (who, honestly, are more than just colleagues to me) made me laugh, kept me going, gave me time when I needed it and supported me through the trials and tribulations that I thought would break me.

No one made me feel uncomfortable around the office for flaunting my bald head even though I was petrified on that first day walking in without a headscarf. Or when I decided to dye it an eye-wateringly bright pink as the fuzz started to grow back. Despite feeling sick and immense fatigue most days and even when I just wanted to cry and give up, I also felt blessed and like I could conquer anything with the outpouring of kindness I received from the ENTERTAINER and the people I can now call friends for life.

A great support network is key in these situations and that’s what breast cancer awareness month is all about. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and not all those women have the kind of support I have. The pink ribbon is a symbol of unity, strength and love and every time you donate, wear a ribbon or raise any kind of awareness, you are being a champion for all women, young or old, across the world.

The facts…

Throughout October, hospitals and clinics offer free mammograms, ultrasounds and general women’s health check-ups. I urge anyone reading to take advantage and go with a family member or friends. There is nothing to be embarrassed or scared about because your health comes first, always.

The reality is, cancer doesn’t just happen in October and it doesn’t just happen to women. Men are also affected by breast cancer, amongst other cancers and it’s important to encourage both men and women to pay attention to their bodies and if you find anything that worries you, no matter what it is, get it checked!


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