World Health Day – Use your App and SAVE at clinics, gyms, spas & more!

World Health Day is April 7th and every year it creates awareness around the globe and encourages everyone to be a little bit more conscious of what they eat and how much exercise we’re really getting. Depressing, I know.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, getting out and about, trying out some new healthy food and hitting the gym is all stuff we know we should do but it can cost a hefty sum to keep up with these things so if you’re doing it and saving money, which is what would happen when you use your App, it’s a major win-win.

Take a little time for yourself today and try out a new clinic, get that health check you’ve been meaning to do or try out a new exercise class. It really is amazing how a little TLC with yourself can go so far. It improves your mind and body and honestly, who doesn’t want that!


*Competition Alert*
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Novomed Centers – 30th Level, Suite 3004, Marina Plaza

Offer: 50% Off Laser Hair Removal (Full Body)
Savings: AED1,575
Our Opinion: When living in a sunny climate all year round, shaving can be a nightmare and time-consuming. Why not take the stress out of your daily routine and head to Novomed for a full body laser hair removal session and be hair-free for life!

Al Borg Medical Laboratories – Crystal Plaza Building, Sharjah

Offer: 50% Off Platinum General Check-Up
Savings: AED650
Our Opinion: This is a great place to come and get tested for all sorts of things and answer those niggling questions. Always thought you might be allergic to a certain food group? Want to know what the best diet for you is? Al Borg can help you with a huge array of allergy and mapping tests.

Anassa Fitness for Wellbeing – Villa 888, Umm Suquiem

Offer: 50% Off Legs, Bums & Tums Class
Savings: AED53
Our Opinion: This one is probably more for the ladies but at this price, who can resist. Get yourself in shape, feel great about yourself and meet some lovely new like-minded people!

Al Reem Dental and Cosmetic Center – Elite Business Center, Al Barsha

Offer: 50% Off Scaling & Polishing
Savings: AED150
Our Opinion: You get one set of teeth in your life and they need looking after. With your App you can head to the dentist and worry not about money or insurance because we’ve got great savings to keep your oral health in check!

Arabian Park Fitness Centre – Arabian Park Hotel, Al Jaddaf

Offer: 50% Off Three Month Gym Membership
Savings: AED325
Our Opinion: Grab a buddy, sign yourself up and commit to three months in the gym. With this membership, you will save a tonne of money and you’ll see some big improvements we’re sure!

Organiclicious – Sadaf 6, Jumeirah Beach Residence

Offer: Main Course
Savings: AED55
Our Opinion: Being healthy isn’t just about fitness. You’ve got to make sure you fuel your body with all the nutrient dense food it needs and Organiclicious is a wonderful little haven. The menu is chock full of bright colours, wholesome food and Organic options; just what your body needs!


Boston Dental Center – Al Khalidiyah

Offer: 50% Off Scaling & Polishing
Savings: AED200
Our Opinion: We’re all guilty of skipping out on the dentist. We do it mostly because we’re scared but with these kinds of offers on your App, there is no need to be afraid. You will save money, get healthy teeth and gums and be smiling in no time!

FloatUAE – The Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort & Spa

Offer: 50% Off Class
Savings: AED75
Our Opinion: You’ll be hard pushed to find many people that say they truly love exercising but with FloatUAE we might just change your mind. These classes are so much fun. They’re challenging but also guaranteed to make you smile and keep you fit all at the same time. Take a friend with you and laugh at them as they fall off, it’s worth it.

Harley Street Medical Centre – Marina Village

Offer: 50% Off Carbon Laser Treatment
Savings: AED325
Our Opinion: The biggest organ you have is your skin. Therefore we think it’s rather important to give it some TLC sometimes. Especially on your face as it really takes a daily beating due to weather, make-up and us constantly touching it all day! Go for a Carbon Laser Peel and you’ll be amazed at the difference!

The Room – Zayed Sports City

Offer: 50% Off Session
Savings: AED35
Our Opinion: Offering anything from spinning to Zumba, The Room has your best health and fitness goals at heart. With a mixture of indoor and outdoor sessions, you will be kept on your toes as you train your body and mind to be in the best shape they can be.

Wellfit Spa & Wellness – Majlis Grand Mercure Residence, Tourist Club Area

Offer: Aromatherapy or Deep Tissue Massage
Savings: AED350
Our Opinion: After all that exercise, we think you’re going to need a massage. But not just any massage. Head to Wellfit for a professional Deep Tissue Massage and let your mind and body relax. Health as a whole includes mental health and a good relaxing massage to knead out knots in your back will also knead out any stress from your brain.

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