11 AWESOME fast food joints on your App

We love our App and we know we have a goldmine of Offers and outlets for you to explore. So here we are, telling you why the ENTERTAINER is BETTER THAN EVER this year and giving you our 11 awesome fast food, quick service restaurants on your App.

We know how it is. Your favourite restaurant, gym or salon isn’t on the App right now and it’s panic stations all around. We understand because we feel it too! People come and go but one thing for sure is the ENTERTAINER still has the best activities, food and beverage outlets, salons and SO MUCH more to offer.

New Offers are constantly being added, exciting Monthly Offers are updated all year round and 1,000s of places to visit are always there, ready, at your fingertips with massive saving potentials just around the corner.

Zaatar W Zeit – Ibn Battuta Mall

Offer: Main Menu Item
Savings: AED30
Our Opinion: Zaatar has some of the best wraps and pizzas in town and you can ask any local or expat alike and they will all agree. The portions are decent and the food is so satisfying whether you are grabbing a quick bite to eat or going for a full-blown meal after a heavy night out. It’s always a winner.
Top Tip: We obviously suggest you try one of the wraps and the Turkey and Cheese is our classic favourite. Also, don’t be afraid to as for any changes because at Zaatar, pretty much anything is customisable.

Baskin Robbins – Multiple Locations

Offer: Single Value Sundae Cup
Savings: AED11
Our Opinion: Ice cream is good for the soul, or so we’ve heard. With so many flavour combinations and options, you will keep coming back to Baskin Robbins not only because the ice cream is so amazing but to make sure you get a taste of all the different flavour combinations.
Top Tip: Please try the cotton candy flavour, it looks so funky and tastes even better. Great for a cheeky Instagram pic!

Pita Pit – Executive Towers, Business Bay

Offer: Main Menu Item or Breakfast Menu Item
Savings: AED33 or AED20
Our Opinion: When you’re verging on hangry and just don’t know what to eat, try Pita Pita. filling and bursting with flavour, it’s not going to disappoint. It’s so simple yet so genius. Wrap anything in bread and it becomes a masterpiece, don’t you agree?
Top Tip: We suggest you order as Business Bay can be a real pain to get to and park fora quick lunch.

Caribou Coffee – Al Wafa Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road

Offer: Small-Sized Beverage
Savings: AED15
Our Opinion: Coffee! Some love it, some hate it but personally, we can’t get enough. If you need a quick pick-me-up or a regular coffee goer, why not stop off at Caribou and get your caffeine fix here. We promise you will be turned forever and won’t go anywhere else for that energy high.
Top Tip: If you are feeling daring, skip the coffee and try the fruit coolers. THEY’RE. SO. REFRESHING!

Chicken Tikka – Al Ittihad Road, Sharjah

Offer: Main Course
Savings: AED30
Our Opinion: In the mood for something for traditional? Chicken Tikka is your spot. With platters of grilled meats, mountains of bread, dips and nibbles for days, you’ll be spoilt for choice and end up ordering it all, just like we did.
Top Tip: Don’t even think of coming here unless you’re starving. You’ll eat like a King.

Cinnabon – City Centre Deira

Offer: Four Cinnapack Classic Rolls
Savings: AED55
Our Opinion: Who can resist the enticing scent of freshly baked Cinnabon wafting through the mall? We go weak at the knees just thinking about it and whenever we pass a Cinnabon shop, we have to drag ourselves away half the time in an effort to save our waistlines.
Top Tip: Go for classic and ask when a fresh batch is coming out of the oven. Nothing beats hot, sticky Cinnabon.

Cold Stone Creamery – Multiple Locations

Offer: Love It Ice Cream
Savings: AED23
Our Opinion: This has to be our favourite ice cream joint in the whole of Dubai. The waffle cones alone are worth a visit and with so many AMAZING toppings, unusual flavours and a little show involving your dessert being mashed on freezing cold blocks and thrown in the air while you wait for your sweet treat to be prepared, we just don’t get what’s not to love.
Top Tip: Try the bithday cake flavour ice cream!

Hardee’s – Multiple Locations

Offer: Mushroom Superstar Sandwich
Savings: AED20
Our Opinion: Craving a burger? We feel ya. Hardee’s has been a long-standing favourite in the GCC and it always hits the spot. Sometimes, when we just can’t decide, we get a chicken burger and a beef burger because no one should have to make such a hard choice in life. Just get both!
Top Tip: Grab yourself a milkshake to wash everything down with. They are seriously good.

Man’oushe Street – Multiple Locations

Offer: Main Menu Item
Savings: AED30
Our Opinion: Is there ever a bad time to eat Lebanese food? We’re big fans of Man’oushe Street and when we need a little comfort food, we come straight here. It’s a carb lovers dream and we aren’t ashamed to admit, we are probably made up of about 80% carbs. Because carbs are life.
Top Tip: Order a manakeesh. Traditional and delicious.

Chowking – Al Ghurair Centre

Offer: Chinese Style Fried Rice
Savings: AED45
Our Opinion: Asian food. We could eat it all day long and still not get tired of it. Bursting with flavour and unique flavours we can’t enough of it. We always over-order but really, that’s a blessing because then you have food to snack on all day long. Result.
Top Tip: The Chinese Style Fried Rice really is mouth-watering. Don’t miss it.

Unicorn Vibes Sweets – Wasl Vita Mall

Offer: Dessert or Beverage
Savings: AED25 or AED30
Our Opinion: This is a little slice of Instagram heaven! If you have a sweet tooth you really should add this to your list of must-visit places because the treats available here will blow your mind. Everything is pastel coloured, gold and magical.
Top Tip: We suggest you bring friends, order a few things and sample all of it. It’s such a unique little place, we’d hate for you to miss out.

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