How To Save Over AED 56,000 In 2018

Guess what? Abu Dhabi resident, Husam Mazen Ismail, saved AED 56,682 in 2017 using his ENTERTAINER! Want to know the secret on how to become our number one redeemer in 2018? Take a read below!

How Husam saved over AED 56,000 last year

“I started using the ENTERTAINER in 2002 or 2003, if my memory hasn’t failed me, when I came as a young guy to Dubai to look for a job. That book was so useful to save money – with many of the existing and new places, I was, and have since been able to try new restaurants with friends, enjoy new cuisine from different parts of the world, and explore new adventures, as well as get to know Dubai even better. All of this was within my small budget, and was available at a reasonable cost. I started enjoying living an exciting life, and gaining a lot of life experience!

I moved to Abu Dhabi early 2009, and I added the Abu Dhabi book to my cart, in addition to the Dubai books. I don’t remember a time that I have missed the ENTERTAINER, because I have always carried it with me since starting to use it back in 2002/3. I am so addicted to it, since it has been so helpful!

There are no secrets behind the savings I made in 2017, it is a real lifestyle I have adapted to. I keep the ENTERTAINER with me all the time, and the participating merchants have become my favorite! I love that I am kept updated about new restaurants through the App, and I’m also frequently using the Attractions & Leisure offers. Before deciding on where to go for dinner, where to visit at the weekend etc, I check that the location is on the App, then use it immediately!

In 2017, I have visited the following (which are some of my favorites):

  • The Café in Park Hyatt offered an amazing Iftar in Ramdan – the place is so nice, the food was so delicious and the overall atmosphere was great surrounded by friends.
  • Sofra in the Shangri-La Hotel Abu Dhabi offers one of the best buffets in town, including their Sea Food night which is one of the best buffets in the capital. I have tried many sea food nights in other places within the ENTERTAINER – and outside of it – and I can assure you that the Sofra’s dishes have a unique taste, and the eatery an amazing ambience.
  • Al Bathna restaurant is one of my favorites, as they have a well-designed oriental buffet, and take in to consideration the desire of clients – they know how to meet the expectations. Their buffet includes local Emirati food, Arabic food and Asian dishes. This fantastic place can accommodate a large number of people – it’s very easy to invite big groups there!

I always try to visit places I have not yet been to on the ENTERTAINER, although I have many favorites already. The ENTERTAINER is not just an App to save money, but it is a guide for enjoyment and excitement. The App without doubt is able to meet the tastes of everyone, as it covers everything you need. Not only can you enrich your current lifestyle with the ENTERTAINER, but you can adapt a better, new-found lifestyle within your budget.”

So there you have it, wise words from our number one redeemer! Can you do better this year? Let’s see you beat AED 56,000 total savings!

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