La Mer, Escape The City Within The City!

Forget your typical Dubai weekend…whether you have visitors in town or you are on the look out to try something “relatively” new, head over to La Mer! We’ve heard so much about the new “it” place of Dubai that we grabbed our bags and headed over there to try it out ourselves. And boy was it worth the drive!!

As soon as we arrived – preferably wearing comfortable shoes or flip flops as you will do a lot of walking – we felt that we had escaped the usual grind of Dubai’s busy life and instantly transformed to “salt in the air and sand in our hair”!

With an array of international restaurants around, we couldn’t resist the temptation to try as many of them as we could. And yes, they are on the ENTERTAINER so no excuses!

How to escape the city within the city

Bon Appetit at Maison de Juliette

Savings Estimate: AED 90

If you’re in the mood for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this little French eatery is the perfect destination for the foodies among us. Enjoy traditional French dishes with a modern twist and an effortlessly chic decor. With ingredients so fresh and a varied menu, you will be spoiled for choice.

We recommend: The provençal chicken with saffron rice or Juliette’s beef fillet mignon. Did we mention that the French toast was delicieux!

Pop those bubbles at Booba

Savings Estimate: AED 22

If you want to quench your thirst and enjoy a cold drink, all you have to do is head over to Booba. Offering a variety of flavours, we ask you to try more than one! In case you didn’t know, bubble tea is a tea base, mixed with milk and syrup, and features ‘tapioca balls‘ – chewy little balls that are full of flavour. They’re the perfect way to beat the summer heat.

We recommend: Try the Coconut Milk Tea for a tropical feel that suits the ambience.

Maybe Miyabi? Count us in!

Savings Estimate: AED 55

We couldn’t resist a tasty lunch at our favourite Sushi and Bento restauratnt, Miyabi! With a large menu offering everything Japanese, from shrimp tempura to Maki rolls, and from delicious bento boxes to the best cuts of fresh Sashimi, you also won’t be able to resist the varieties.

We recommend: The edamame for a starter and Godzilla rolls to satisfy your appetite. If you are in the mood for a lighter bite, the avocado Maki and the good ol’ California roll will do the trick.

There’s always time for Karak at Treej

Savings Estimate: AED 50

If you’re anything like us – been in the sand pit for ages – but have never set foot inside a local restaurant, we urge you to pay Treej Cafe a visit. Instead of a traditional eatery, expect a menu reflecting a fusion between local bites and modern twists added by the talented chef.  Offering a unique, casual and lively atmosphere while retaining the essence of Emirati culture, the restaurant is your perfect destination for a local experience.

We recommend:  Try any of the Emirati burritos and order a Chebab pancake for dessert next to your usual dose of Karak tea.

Did someone say tart?

Savings Estimate: AED 95

We couldn’t leave without stopping by Tart Bakery for a quick bite – yeah right, as if we need an excuse – and trying some of the best pastries in town. Another French favourite, Tart Bakery has introduced the new concept of modern baked tarts. Yes, tarts with a twist! From Tartine to Tartelette, from savoury to sweet, from soups and salads to juicy main courses and mouth-watering desserts…Tart Bakery is a must.

We recommend: Risotto, risotto, risotto! With chicken, mushroom, and truffle, you can’t go wrong with the risotto poulet. As for dessert, we are just going to leave this pic here and let your imagination do the trick.

So get moving and grab your friends or family – and your favourite app – head to La Mer and enjoy the day. Enjoy a meal, the sun, a cool breeze, a walk, a conversation, or simply enjoy the scenery. And let us know how fab your day was.

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