Refreshing iced coffee spots in Abu Dhabi

Get your coffee fix and cool off in the sweltering Abu Dhabi heat with our handy guide to some of the city’s best and must-try iced coffee!

We took on the task of venturing out into the humidity and heat to make the job of finding a sweet coffee spot easy for you. It took some doing but we think we’ve found some cute little spots for you to try out!

Gloria Jeans Coffee: Beverage

Estimated Savings: AED19
Location: Mazyad Mall
Our Opinion: Need a little pick-me-up? Gloria Jeans is a quaint spot for some great coffee while on the go. Pull up a chair if you have time and take a breather while sipping your iced latte, just the way you like it.


Icons Coffee Couture: Beverage

Estimated Savings: AED20
Location: Deerfields Mall
Our Opinion: Icons is a great little spot to take your laptop and relax in the plush surroundings. You can get in the zone and get your work done while sipping on a delicious iced latte and watching the world go by.

Caribou Coffee: Small-Sized Beverage

Estimated Savings: AED15
Location: Al Ain Mall
Our Opinion: We love the vibe of this place. It feels like you are in a wood cabin, high in the mountains and is seriously homely. Make an overdue date with an old friend and settle into one of the comfy chairs for a good catchup.

Caffe Nero: Beverage

Estimated Savings: AED15
Location: Bawadi Mall
Our Opinion: When you come to Caffe Nero, you know what you are getting. Top-notch drinks and great service. We don’t know about you, but we can’t resist the muffins and think they go hand in hand with a chilled iced latte. Delicious!

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