Put your hands together for ENTERTAINER 2021!


We can’t deny that 2020 has been a challenge for everyone. We can’t even say with any certainty what 2021 will look like but what we can do is improve your life easier by making ENTERTAINER 2021 your must-buy, can’t-live-without purchase of the year.

It’s been a crazy year, to say the least, and what everyone has come to realise is saving a bit of cash here and there, really does make all the difference. The good news is ENTERTAINER 2021 can save you big and small across a whole host of experiences to help you live large on a budget.

We’ve made it super simple for you this time around and we listened to your suggestions. This is what we’ve come up with –

You can buy a UAE Bundle!

  • It’s what you’ve been asking for so we have packaged the Dubai and Abu Dhabi 2021 products together for you to buy as one bundle. It’ll cost AED945 but you can grab it at early bird price for AED624.75. It gets even better for members, as they will be able to purchase the bundle for AED519.75.
  • The UAE bundle includes Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Dubai Gourmet, Abu Dhabi Gourmet, Cheers Dubai, Cheers Abu Dhabi, Dubai Body, Abu Dhabi Body, Adrenaline Dubai, Adrenaline Abu Dhabi and Dubai Fitness.
  • You’ll also receive 2 Dubai Parks and Resorts tickets valid from if you buy a UAE Bundle. 1,000 free tickets up for grabs when you buy the UAE Bundle, while stocks last. Worth AED 275. Valid for use until 30th November. T&Cs apply.

(All prices subject to 5% VAT)

The ENTERTAINER 2021 price is being drastically reduced!

  • The Dubai 2021 product will be AED495. If you’re already an ENTERTAINER member though you’ll only pay AED309.75!! For members, the Dubai 2021 product will include Cheers, Body, Fitness and Adrenaline at no extra cost too. If you’re new to the ENTERTAINER and you want these fancy add-ons too, you’ll need to pay an extra AED95 for the lot. It’s a steal.
  • The Abu Dhabi 2021 product will also be AED495 for new joiners and AED309.75 for members but you’ll also get the Gourmet product included at no extra cost along with Cheers, Body and Adrenaline.
  • If you aren’t already a member, the add-ons will cost an extra AED95 for full access to all the products and offers.

(All prices subject to 5% VAT)

That’s not all though…

If you buy your 2021 product now you will get your existing 2020 offers topped up for a supercharged saving spree to end 2020 with a bang. If you aren’t already a 2020 member then don’t despair because we will unlock the product for you to start saving straight.

This year we’ve streamlined and made it super easy to get all the products and offers you love for one brilliant price and no hassle of worrying about add-ons. Just choose your bundle, add it to your cart and away you go. Everything will be unlocked and ready to go!

Happy saving!

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