How to make dinner reservations…straight through the app!

The ENTERTAINER is always thinking of ways to make your experience the best. If you’re anything like us, you want an easy life with as little human interaction as possible. So we created a simple, painless way to make your dinner reservations, straight through the app!

There is no need to pick up a phone and talk to someone, you just need to pick your next dining spot and book a table straight through the app. It’s so simple!

Here are the facts…

  • It’s totally free to use! There are no fees for booking with us
  • You can book at any time. Even if your chosen place is closed at the time of booking. No more waiting for the Front of House to pick up the phone. Hooray!
  • Everything is flexible. From the date and time to the number of people. We have everything covered!
  • You’ll receive an instant confirmation, so there’s no need to worry about forgetting the finer details

Here’s how you do it…

  • Find a restaurant that tickles your fancy
  • Click on the big button that says ‘BOOK A TABLE’
  • Go through each section, choosing the date you want to visit, number of people, the time of day and specific time
  • Click ‘BOOK NOW’
  • Voilà, you have made plans and now all you have to do is show up!

There are several restaurants ready to take your booking from now but we are adding new places every day, so keep checking! Here are some of our favourites –


  1. Prego’s
  2. Salmontini Le Resto
  3. Bread Street Kitchen
  4. Sukhotai
  5. Sea Fu
  6. Bleu Blanc
  7. Morimoto
  8. Nelson’s
  9. Al Grissino
  10. Toshi
  11. Saffron at Atlantis the Palm


  1. Cho Gao
  2. La Cava
  3. Dai Dai Dong
  4. Hytes
  5. JW Steakhouse
  6. La Piazza
  7. Hoi An
  8. Choice Cut Steakhouse
  9. Sofra
  10. Taste of Asia

If you have any more questions you can check out the FAQ’s on Table Reservations here –

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