How To WIN Your Dream Holiday

You’ll never have to fake a holiday again (well, maybe once more). Why? Because it’s time to win one! How do you win your dream getaway? By faking that you’re already on one! Because we wanted to celebrate our brand new, in-app booking engine, ENTERTAINER getaways, we thought it was only fair that we gave you the chance to join us in the festivities.

So, let’s tell you about our exciting competition. In order to win your dream holiday to either the beautiful Sri Lanka, Nepal or Italy, all you have to do is:

  1. Pretend that you’re on a getaway already. How is this possible? By taking a photo of yourself with a fake holiday destination in the background.
  2. Go to our competition page, and register or log in with Facebook.
  3. Upload your photo HERE on or before 15th March, 2018.
  4. Share on social media for extra points!

The best of the worst fake holiday pictures will win a trip. Got it? Hurry, you’ve got until 15th March, 2018 to upload your photo!

Here’s how you can create the photos, and be in with a chance of winning…

The Finger Tan

Tip: Working as a fake pair of legs, place two fingers against a backdrop of a picturesque holiday scene, and start snapping!

The ‘I’m Here’ Selfie

Tip: Choose a high quality, reasonably sized backdrop and take centre stage in front of it. Show off your best smile, and take that selfie.

The Cut & Paste

Tip: Save a high quality image of your favourite destination. Find a photo of yourself looking fabulous, crop it if needs be, and paste it onto the holiday picture. Voilà.

For a little bit more information, watch our video below.

Don’t forget, you’ve only got until 15th March, 2018 to upload. Get snapping in order to win that dream holiday, and upload your photo now!

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