Magical Places To Chase The Northern Lights In Norway

Also known as Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights is an extraordinary phenomenon that’s been around for thousands of years. These stunning and vibrant magnetic fields are on top of everyone’s bucket list, and if you’re planning a trip to Norway to catch this sighting, we’ll tell you where to go! The Northern part of Norway is home to numerous towns and cities that you can get to by flight, boat, or even a road trip! Meanwhile, here are 5 of the most magical places to chase the Northern Lights in Norway:


Holding a population of 72,000, Tromsø is known as the northernmost city in Norway. It is strategically positioned in the middle of the Aurora oval, making it the perfect place to witness the Northern Lights.

Lofoten Island

Famous for its fishing villages, Lofoten Island is an impressive archipelago filled with rare wilderness, deep fjords, glorious mountains, and a rich history that will take you back in time to the Viking age.

Nordkapp (North Cape)

The second northernmost location at the tip of Norway is none other than Nordkapp, or North Cape. Besides its stunning natural lights, you’ll also get to explore the scene of the sinking of the German battleship Scharnhorst from the World War II here!


There are not just the Northern Lights to be excited about in Vesterålen (even though it should be your number one priority)! From skiing and amazing wildlife to the vibrant arts and culture scene, this city will enchant you like no other.


Make your winter dreams and Northern Lights wish come true at Lyngenfjord! This fjord is classified as one of the most beautiful places in Norway, boasting 82 kilometres worth of fjords, ravines, glaciers, and mountains – the ultimate feast for your eyesight.

So many beautiful colours, so little time… This is your moment to start planning your Norwegian escapade to not miss out on this once in a lifetime experience in Norway! The Northern Lights show up from September all the way through March – and though that may seem like plenty of time, it’s not usually the case. So launch your ENTERTAINER app now to enjoy up to 60% off hotel rates with our in-app booking engine ENTERTAINER getaways!

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