8 Accounts That’ll Give You Serious Travel Envy

We always need some travel inspiration in our daily lives to keep us going… That little push to inspire us, and make us book our next holiday. Here at the ENTERTAINER (and even more so with our new, in-app booking engine, getaways), we love to follow all of those world travellers that successfully turned their passion into a living. Whether they travel the world on their own, as a couple, or with their little ones, the following 8 accounts will encourage you to get booking that dream trip right away.

To show you that everything is possible, follow Johnny | @onestep4ward

Johnny, from Ireland, has visited every country in the world. And when we say visited, we mean he has actually spent time discovering hidden gems in every country with the help of some locals. The king of travel tips, he is your man! What we also love about Johnny, is the fact that he takes his retired mother along with him on some amazing holidays. Only recently they enjoyed watching an amazing sunset in Phu Quoc, Vietnam.

To see a serious case of family travel goals | @thebucketlistfamily

Garett and his wife literally sold everything they had to travel the world with their two children (and the third is on its way). Daily, they share good vibes, along with the best destinations to travel to with your little ones.

Fall in love with the Philippines | @tourist2townie

Gareth is on his travels, sometimes solo, and sometimes with friends. Lately he has been travelling across the Philippines, and it looks insane(ly beautiful).

If you want to experience the American dream, follow Kenza | @kenzasmg

Kenza is Parisian, and always on the move. From her staycations in Morocco, to her summer holidays in Greece, with the help of her boyfriend Mathieu, she shares some amazing daily content. A few weeks ago, she moved to Los Angeles and we cannot stop staring at those palm trees, and that sunset.

#ultimatetravelcouple | @xkflyaway

Undecided on where to head to next for your romantic getaway? Xavier and Katie will give you plenty of ideas.

For a getaway with a lot of adventure | @sunriseodyssey

Daniel and Gina are based in Singapore, but are always up for some thrilling adventures. We’d never have thought of travelling to half the places they’ve been to, so let them inspire you too.

If you are in the search of some girl power travel | @coffeethentravel

Allow Sarah to take you on an underwater tour of the world. As a keen diver, she seeks out the most picturesque under-the-sea locations. She’s also partial to a little trip to Amsterdam and Bangladesh, too.

To remind you that our world is full of beautiful humans, say hi to Yvan | @facehunter

Yes, Yvan is travelling the globe in a search of the most stylish humans alive. We love it.

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