7 Picturesque Towns In Puglia You’ll be Dying To Visit

Boasting a plethora of white sandy beaches and unique architecture against the backdrop of a crystal clear ocean, Puglia is a destination like no other. This remote and beautiful city in the heel of Italy’s boot is a delightful mix of quaint cottages, trullis (cottages made of limestone), and baroque architecture. Explore the remote Basilican Chapels and prehistoric dolmens of Puglia with ENTERTAINER getaways to enjoy up to 60% off hotel rates! Meanwhile.. check out these 7 picturesque towns in Puglia that will make you want to visit Italy now:


Bari is the second largest town in Puglia that’s often missed out by tourists, but it’s undoubtedly a place worth exploring. This busy port exudes urban vibes, with a variety of lively nightlife venues and lovely trattorias that serve amazing local food. Not mentioning a fair share of history, culture, and the famous Basilica di San Nicola.


The port town of Brindisi is home to a fantastic harbour waiting to be explored. Picture an evening at a charming sidewalk trattoria overlapping waters, with soft instrumental music playing in the background, while locals casually stroll along the promenade and enjoy a post-dinner gelato. This laid-back and romantic town is one for the lovers.


Often nicknamed the Florence of the South, the beautiful old town of Lecce is overflowing with Baroque churches and palaces. Make sure you visit Basilica di Santa Croce, Porta Napoli, the Roman Amphitheatre and the Piazza del Duomo while you’re there!


Located on the Adriatic Coast, the elegant and delightful seaside town of Trani is no short of its limestone streets and ancient cathedrals. With its gorgeous marina and waterfront bars, it’s no wonder that Trani attracts hip and trendy crowds from all over the world.


Here’s where you’ll find the infamous trulli, a bee-hive like cottage with a cone roof made out of limestone. Make sure you explore the entire area surrounding the trullis while you’re in Alberobello to learn more about this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Taking a few artistic post-card shots won’t hurt either!


Ostuni is a beautiful white-washed town surrounded by bright blue and vivid green doors at every turn. It might feel like you’re in Greece rather than Italy, but Ostuni is one of the most beautiful towns in the region. Even its building structures are unique – they’re all messily perched on a hill overlooking endless olive groves and the Adriatic Sea.

Martina Franca

Narrow winding alleys, colourful doorways, and scattered geraniums – Martina Franca is genuinely one of Puglia’s hidden gem. This elegant town oozes charm with its baroque architecture and ancient feel. The surrounding countryside is also equally as beautiful, with its Masseries (fortified farmhouses), trullis, wineries and olive groves.

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