What’s Your Superpower?

With the Middle East Film & Comic Con (MEFCC) just around the corner (5-7 April), we wanted to build excitement in the office by asking our very own superheroes just which superpower they’d like to possess. Kicking up a storm in the world of movies, anime, comics and loads more, MEFCC provides international entertainment, and brings us stars from Doctor Who, Suicide Squad and The Incredible Hulk (just to name a few!)

So, if they had the choice, what superpowers would some of our ENTERTAINER colleagues like to take full advantage of?

Maria – Social Community Manager

I would want to be able to read and control minds (freak alert!) and spread peace, tranquility, kindness and love. This world can be cruel, so it will never hurt to be nice and make it a better place for our children and next generations. The first thing I’d do is convince the United Nations to make me the Ambassadress of Goodwill, give me a diplomat passport, then I’d start travelling the world fulfilling my mission!

Eudal – Creative Executive

My super power would be immortality. With this power, I would basically be guaranteed an eternity of life. I could use my “whole” life to help others during natural disasters. Plus, I’d have the ability to heal others, since I would not be afraid of losing my life.

Daniel Oreoluwa – Senior Sales

It’s a tough one. I’m torn between telepathy and teleportation, but I think telepathy appeals to me more: the idea of being able to read minds and communicate mentally with anyone anywhere is fascinating. Just like Professor Xavier or Dr. Jean Grey.

Upsides: 1) You always know what people are thinking, so you’re always a couple of steps ahead. 2) You’re able to communicate with people you’ve never seen before across the fabric of space. Downsides: 1) You get to know all the weird stuff people are thinking, and that might scar you a bit!

Logan – CRM Executive

My superpower would hands down be teleportation. Like the film ‘Jumper’, I’d love the ability to teleport myself anywhere instantaneously. As I love to travel, I could literally be anywhere in the world, at the click of my fingers. With this power, I would also teleport myself to any time in history to see what life was like many moons ago. I think I’d also teleport myself into the future, to see what lottery numbers would come out, then go back to the present time and be filthy rich! Finally, I’d love to be able to teleport beings/objects – it would be incredible to help others, by teleporting food and shelter to the poor and homeless.

Aqsa – Financial Controller

I would like to have the power to read people’s minds. On the one hand, it could make life a lot more difficult, but on the other hand, it would be so nice to understand what people expect of me!

Inside all of us is a superhero (with just a few less powers than we’d love to have). Dream big, dream small, you are your own superhero! And remember “I am loyal to nothing except the dreams” – Captain America.

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