5 Ways To Throw It Back To The 90s

When we heard that Backstreet Boys were coming to town, we got way too excited. Just us? We didn’t think so. Then we started thinking, what else could we do this weekend to throw it back to the 90s, and get all nostalgic?

Watch the Backstreet Boys

Everybody yeah (yeahhhhhh), rock your body yeah (yeahhhhhh)‘. Don’t pretend you didn’t sing that as you were reading it! In preparation for this weekend, get your lungs warmed up for all the singing and screaming you’re going to be doing (you too, males), and get ready to welcome the Backstreet Boys! For all of those of you with tickets, we’re with you! Now, where can we get t-shirts printed…

Have a night out at Stereo Arcade

Looking for a lively night out? Stereo Arcade is Dubai’s most popular casual nightlife experience! With funky graffiti all over the walls and an inviting atmosphere to enjoy a night out, go back in time and compete with one another at the likes of Street Fighter! Dance to the tunes of live music, and enjoy the mix between old and new. With a slogan saying “Welcome to the retro future”, all we’re wondering is, how do we put our names on the guest list?

Go mad at Magic Planet

Release your inner child (and even bring your child/ren) at Magic Planet. The leading family entertainment centre in the region was rated one of the top ten attractions for families, offering a phenomenal range of games ranging from Daytona USA to Jurassic Park, rides and other activities to enjoy on a fun-filled family day out! You will find us by the Mario Kart machine.

Have a wander around Burjman Mall

Enjoy a day at one of Dubai’s oldest malls…ever! After shopping, sit down to lunch and dinner with tempting restaurants offering a variety of cuisines such as Italian, Indian, Iranian, Lebanese and more, or refuel with a quick bite at the food court. A favourite among tourists who are looking to spend time near old Dubai.

Visit Jebel Ali Village

Jebel Ali Village was constructed in 1977 to provide accommodation to expats, and is one of Dubai’s oldest and most treasured residential areas. Known for its renovated clubhouse restaurant, enjoy a day at one of the oldest leisure haunts in Dubai! A family favourite, you will find us there watching a game…or two!

What are your favourite sitcoms and hairstyles from the 90’s? Let us know! And don’t forget, “we’ve got it going on!”

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