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Ever at a loss for what to do at the weekend? Or are you just bored of doing the same old brunch, mall and sofa routine every Friday? Looking for a boost of adrenaline? That’s OK, we’re in the same boat.

We decided we needed some adrenaline-rush worthy things to tick off our bucket list…but then we quickly realised we didn’t quite have the bank balance for that. This is where it get goods. We’ve curated some big-ticket, once in a lifetime experiences for you to get your blood pumping!

XLine Dubai Marina: 25% Off Singer or Double Rider Zipline

Estimated Savings: AED163 or AED300
Location: Dubai Marina
Our Opinion: Soar between the highrises and take in the stunning sights of the Dubai Marina brought to you by adrenaline junkies and aficionados, XLine Dubai. We haven’t met a single person who hasn’t come out the other side and said they immediately wanted to do it again. Nothing beats that kind of thrill!


HeliDubai: 25% Off Palm Tour

Estimated Savings: AED204
Location: Jumeirah
Our Opinion: Dubai is a sight to behold from the ground. So can you imagine what an aerial view would be like? Climb aboard a helicopter, strap yourself in and go for a tour of this stunning city. It’s a bucket list ticker for sure. You’ll see things you never even noticed before and you’ll appreciate Dubai from a whole new perspective. It’s honestly amazing!

Sinbad Balloons: 25% Off Deluxe Flight

Estimated Savings: AED287
Location: Deira
Our Opinion: Perhaps you’ve already done a helicopter tour (you lucky thing, you). Or maybe you think flying over the desert in a commercial plane is more than enough. Well, let us tell you right now – you’re wrong. We mean that in the nicest way possible of course but we desperately want you to experience what it’s like to stand in a hot air balloon and take in the sunset as it sets over the sand. Unlike planes and helicopters, hot air balloons are wonderfully quiet. They gracefully floating amongst the clouds, allowing you to have a serene moment of appreciation for this stunning landscape.


Paramotor Desert Adventure Aviation Club: 25% Off 20Min Flight Experience

Estimated Savings: AED250
Location: Al Ain Road
Our Opinion: This is such a unique and memorable thing to do! You can zoom over sand dunes and watch camels and gazelle trot along below you. These amazing devices allow you to experience flight without the confines of a plane and we can confirm that the adrenaline rush from this is one of a kind. It’s an outstanding experience!

Toroverde Ras Al Khaimah: 25% Off Jebel Jais Weekday or Weekend Flight

Estimated Savings: AED199
Location: Ras Al Khaimah
Our Opinion: Now you can just casually experience the world’s longest zipline and it won’t break the bank. Jebel Jais alone is stunning to visit considering it’s also the highest peak in the UAE and so just picture yourself whizzing along, free as a bird through the mountains – it’s literally a whole new world. Go it alone or get strapped in and do it in tandem with a partner. Racing each other to the end just adds to the thrill. Honestly, this is one of the best things we’ve experienced. 100% recommend.


MX Dubai: 25% Off KTM Dirt Bike or Polaris RZE 1000 Experience

Estimated Savings: AED173 or AED338
Location: Al Awir
Our Opinion: MX Dubai are well-known in the region for providing top-notch desert and water sport tours. You can explore the desert in a whole new way. It’s pretty exhilarating, slipping that helmet on, tearing through the sand and revving your engine. It’s a great stress reliever but bring spare shoes…yours will be full of sand by the end of it!

Big Red Adventure Tours: 25% Off Ultimate Quad Biking Tour or Buggy Tour

Estimated Savings: AED188 or AED400
Location: The Beach
Our Opinion: Another famous location in the UAE is Big Red. The best way to experience it in our opinion is with friends on the ever-so fun, quad bike! The instructors will give you a few hints and tips to begin with, but then you’re let loose to race across the desert and take jaw-droppingly good photos for the scrapbook. While you’re in the country, you’d be a fool not to do this at least once. It’s great fun!

Ninth Degree Supercar Tours: 25% Off Lamborghini Huracan Spider Driving Tour

Estimated Savings: AED1,624
Location: Dubai (Please call +971 50 939 9960 to book and redeem)
Our Opinion: Ever dreamt of owning a supercar? While we might all agree that’s a little ambitious, there is no reason you can’t drive one for a little while. Ninth Degree are allowing people to make their dreams a reality with driving tours featuring those mind-blowing cars you sometimes see Dubai Police cruising down JBR. It’s a heart-pumping, adrenaline-boosting activity that will have you feeling like a millionaire. For a few hours at least…

Dubai Autodrome: 25% Off Formula DXB Experience

Estimated Savings: AED230
Location: Dubai Motor City
Our Opinion: Dubai Autodrome is the UAE’s first fully-integrated multi-purpose motorsport and entertainment destination. An expert instructor will take you under their wing and match you to one of their many sports cars. They’ll show you the ropes and then take you out on the track for a once in a lifetime experience. You’ll feel like Lewis Hamilton as you fly around the specially designed, dedicated track. Hold on tight, it’s one hell of a ride!

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