Our top 5 choices to seize the day with ENTERTAINER 2022

seize the day

If you haven’t heard already, ENTERTAINER has launched its 2022 products and it’s extra special and exciting this year. We want you to be able to seize the day whenever the mood strikes you so we have introduced a 12-month membership model that means no matter what time of the year you buy your ENTERTAINER, it will last for 12 months, and you can renew it any time!

This means that if you are a current ENTERTAINER member right now, we are giving you an EXCLUSIVE member discount if you buy your 2022 product and start your membership now. The exclusive member discount – We want to add here that this is available for a limited time only so hurry up. You will get instant access to next year’s offers, and you will also get all your 2021 offers topped up! To top it all off, our members’ offers are valid until 31st December 2022. So, you have three extra months this year and the whole of 2022 to make huge savings!

So, how can you make the most of your top-up offers and seize the day, you might ask? We thought you would, so we took the liberty of putting together our top 5 favourite places to use your ENTERTAINER. Don’t wait until next year, let’s get going now –


Offer: 2-for-1 Main Course or 25% off Total Bill

Chili’s is the ultimate family-friendly place to tuck into some seriously delicious food for any occasion. You can’t go wrong with their extensive menu, generous portions and fantastic atmosphere. It’s much loved all over the world and it’s not hard to see why.

Papa John’s

Offer: 2-for-1 Large Pizza
Papa John’s motto is – better ingredients, better pizza! After 30 years in the pizza business, we think it’s safe to say that Papa John’s knows good pizza and when those cravings kick in, they’re at the top of of our list for a cheesy, carb overload. Also, their sides are not to be missed as what’s a pizza without cheese sticks, chicken wings, salads and pasta.


Offer: 2-for-1 Main Course
Wagamama is modelled on ramen shops that are popular in Japan and we have to say, whenever someone even hints at eating there, we do a little happy dance. Serving delicious Pan-Asian food in a sleek, beautifully designed environment with a lively atmosphere, and fun ordering style, it’s one of the coolest places to dine.

Belgian Cafe

Offer: 2-for-1 Main Course
Belgian Café will let you experience the unique atmosphere of an authentic European café with a bustling atmosphere and antique inspired décor it’s a great place to catch up with friends over a casual dinner. Don’t avoid the mussels, they’re served the traditional Belgian way and they’re amaaaazing.

Buffalo Wild Rings

Offer: 2-for-1 5 or 10 Wings

There are 17 different flavours of wings to try at Buffalo Wild Wings and there are huge flat-screen TV’s showing sport dotted around the place so you can settle in, order ALL the wings and spend quality time chowing on chicken and having a great time. It sounds like a perfect outing to us, don’t you think?

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