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Saving money is our favourite pastime and the ENTERTAINER has really got our back in those times of needs. Do you know what we mean?

Of course you do, because who doesn’t like pinching pennies and still living a rockstar life.

March is literally jam-packed with amazing New offers with some epic places just calling out for you to visit.

We don’t mean to brag but we are super excited for this month and you’re going to have to make sure you plan your calendar accordingly to get all these brunches in!


Mango Tree – Hilton Dubai The Walk JBR

Offer: Main Course
Savings: AED60
Our Opinion: What can we say, we absolutely LOVE Mango Tree!! For a real taste of authentic Thai food, we 100% recommend Mango Tree. The interiors are cool and cosy with so much outside space it’s ideal for big groups as equally as intimate date nights with all the twinkling fairy lights.

The menu is quite extensive so there is sure to be something for everyone; even that friend scared of anything spicier than a breath mint. Talking of spice, we tried the roasted duck curry and this dish is definitely not for the faint-hearted. The Pad Thai was absolutely mouth-watering and all the small plates we tried including crab cakes, chicken satay and bao buns were unbelievable moreish. The staff are friendly, incredibly helpful and not intrusive. You can tell the head chef is proud of his food and boy should he be!

Mango Tree also has a few eclectic menu items that intrigued us. We had to try one of the Thai flatbreads and with some apprehension, we awaited its arrival but we needn’t be worried. It coaxed may ‘mmms’ and ‘wows’ out of us with each bite. We had the chicken flatbread and despite some sneaky chili’s, it was just mouth-tingling enough.

To end the evening (which we were particularly sad about) we were told we had to try the Pandan Souffle and oh my god, it would have been a crime to visit Mango Tree and not order this dessert. We INSIST you order it because it is one of the most amazing desserts we have eaten. Right down to the vanilla ice cream it was served with. Just stunning.
Top Tip: Check out the cocktail menu, it’s got some tastebud tinglers for sure (try the mangu mule!).


Il Faro Trattoria & Lounge – The Palm Jumeirah

Offer: Saturday Tap-Asti-Ria
Savings: AED350
Our Opinion: When you are craving Italian fare, look no further than Il Faro. With a name meaning Lighthouse, it certainly is a beacon of light in the Italian cuisine game. With many competitors, Il Faro stands out to us for its beautiful location, pretty interiors, fantastic food and is an all-around winner in our books.
Top Tip: Keep it on your list for winter and if you can bear it, the summer too, as the best place to sit is outside. The views and vibes are just unbeatable!

All’onda – Emerald Palace Kempinski Dubai

Offer: Friday Sparkling Brunch
Savings: AED450
Our Opinion: It may sound strange but All’onda is shaking up the culinary world with a fusion of Italian, Indian and Japanese cuisines and in our humble opinion; it works a treat. The place itself it flashy and glittering as you would come to expect from a 5-star dining experience in Dubai but besides that, the food really is a treat for the tastebuds.
Top Tip: Try to snag an alfresco booth to soak up the absolutely jaw-dropping views on the Dubai skyline. Don’t forget your camera!

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Chez Charles – Dubai Design District

Offer: Saturday Brunch
Savings: AED370
Our Opinion: Chez Charles was actually a catering company before laying roots in D3 and boy are we glad they did. The whole place is a wonderful mix of classic French bistro and modern restaurant vibes. You’ll find the expected (or perhaps not) snails on the menu which are actually delicious should you be brave enough to try them along with some tempting fusion dishes.
Top Tip: The service is famed for being quick so it’s ideal for a working lunch with colleagues if you’re in the area.

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The Loft Dubai Opera – Downtown Dubai

Offer: Main Course or House Beverage or Bottle of House Grape
Savings: AED300 or AED45 or AED200
Our Opinion: We can’t stress enough just how stunning this place is. It is definitely the perfect date night spot as it will not fail to impress. If you love fresh seafood you will want to bring your stretchy trousers as The Loft knows how to cook and serve all your favourites perfectly along with some surprise dishes too.
Top Tip: Get a seat outside and look up in awe as you’ll be sitting right at the base of the Burj Khalifa. Try and get that perfect selfie as the worlds tallest building towers above you.

downtown dubai

Man’oushe Street – Multiple Locations Across Dubai

Offer: Main Menu Item
Savings: AED30
Our Opinion: Lebanese food is top of our ‘favourite food’ list and when you just can’t decide what to have or you have a big group of people to cater for, we suggest Man’oushe Street. It’s great for good, comforting, classic Lebanese dishes and you can never order too much and can guarantee it’ll all taste spectacular.
Top Tip: Keep it simple with a cheese manakeesh. It’s just pure wholesome goodness!

Moe’s on the 5th – Sheraton Grand Hotel

Offer: Main Course or Cocktail or Two House Beverages or Bottle of House Grape
Savings: AED120 or AED80 or AED100 or AED300
Our Opinion: Moe’s has a great New York vibe about it. You’re surrounded by art, sleek interior design and the soulful sounds of the jazz band keep your feet tapping. The menu is small but the food is cooked with pride and you can really taste it. We love it here and we are sure you will too.
Top Tip: Don’t be afraid to go alone and sit at the bar. The cocktail menu is fantastic, the atmosphere is electric and the bar staff are crazy friendly.

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