Instagram Life VS Real Life

Meet Neha, a fashion and lifestyle blogger from neha_style_diaries. She very kindly joined us at Ostro (thanks for having us again!) to share her tips on how to take the perfect lifestyle photos, and she has also explained what life is like as a blogger, and how Instagram life can differ from real life. Want to know more? Of course you do!

Blogger Neha’s insight into Instagram life vs real life

People look at the larger than life and glamorous Instagram photos and Insta Stories of people they follow, and wish they can have the same life. But what is the reality? Well, to get that perfect photo worthy of a place in the world of Instagram (and of course the subsequent likes/comments and to keep their followers engaged), bloggers end up taking anywhere near 10-20 shots before deciding on the perfect one.

And this is still not the end product: next comes the photo editing part, which can take hours, followed by the mind-scratching caption that needs to go with every photo. Bloggers (and their #instahubby, #instaboyfriend, #instasister photographers etc also need to be appreciated please) spend a lot of time and effort for each photo/ story that is uploaded. So whenever you see the next fashion, food or lifestyle photo post on Instagram, just remember it went through the above process before the perfect one was posted!

Those misconceptions

One misconception of being a blogger is that everyone thinks all we do is attend parties and events (and receive the coveted goody bags!). Although it is part of a blogger’s routine, it’s not as easy as it seems! Bloggers are required to cover the events (i.e. photos, Insta Stories, editing, captions etc) and promote the brands through their Instagram. I personally don’t even have the time to enjoy the snacks and drinks at these events (which is such a shame), as I am so busy covering the event. On top of that I am a celiac, with limited or no gluten-free options most of the time. Now imagine shuffling between multiple events – you get the point!

24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Being a blogger is a 24/7 job. You are constantly working and planning the week ahead. In order to keep your followers engaged, bloggers are posting on average two posts (be it your own posts, collaborations, event coverage etc) every day, and on top of that every post needs to match their Instagram feed and style. My weekdays are spent on editing, content creation, replying to emails and working on collaborations. And weekends? Well, they’e spent planning for the week ahead! It’s good to organise what image will be posted on what day, and it’s also great to get photoshoots organised. It does sound exhausting, but if you are passionate about it, it’s all worth it (promise!)

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