Epic iced coffees you need to try!

Get your coffee fix and cool off in the sweltering Dubai heat with our handy guide to some of the city’s best and must-try iced coffee!

We took on the task of venturing out into the humidity and heat to make the job of finding a sweet coffee spot easy for you. It took some doing but we think we’ve found some cute little spots for you to try out!

Tania’s Teahouse: Beverage

Estimated Savings: AED20
Location: Jumeirah Beach Road
Our Opinion: We adore Tania’s Teahouse. It’s cute and massively instagrammable but it also has super chill vibes. It’s great for meeting up with friends or taking your laptop and setting up your office for the day. The staff are so helpful and cheerful and we suggest ordering some mermaid toast. It’s absolutely delicious. Also, it’s worth noting that they sell some wonderful coffee and tea-related items to take home with you. This place really has it all.
Top Tip: Order the Spanish iced latte with coffee jelly. It’s iced coffee and bubble tea combined!!

The Cafe @ The Workshop: 25% Off Total Bill

Estimated Savings: AED35
Location: Jumeirah
Our Opinion: The Cafe is a unique little place that is full of hidden gems. There are board games and books and a fantastic little garden area to relax in. It is set up perfectly for people who ‘work from home’ and need a change of scenery. The art gallery that the cafe is attached to is a lovely spot to take a breather and have a wander too.
Top Tip: Order a Spanish iced latte, first and foremost. Then get a seat by the glass wall and admire the garden, or pop upstairs to the peaceful working space. It’s a great little spot that totally got us in the zone.

Cafe Rider: Beverage

Estimated Savings: AED20
Location: Al Quoz
Our Opinion: This place always makes us feel at home. It’s laidback, a little quirky and a great place to kick back and read a book, or take your laptop and get some work done. We also suggest you go hungry because the food is mouth-wateringly good. Before you know it, you will have spent the entire day at Cafe Rider and it would have been a day well spent.
Top Tip: The iced pistachio latte is a winner!

Unicorn Vibes Cafe: Beverage

Estimated Savings: AED20
Location: Wasl Vita Mall
Our Opinion: This place really is a dream. Make sure your phone is fully charged because you will be taking photos for the gram left, right and centre. We ordered ourselves a blue latte and as we looked around, we suddenly started to crave a flower wall for the office…
Top Tip: They have pink pasta and a pink burger. You have to try it to believe it.

Icon Coffee Couture: Beverage

Estimated Savings: AED20
Location: Cayan Tower, Dubai Marina
Our Opinion: This is a little hideaway in the famous Cayan Tower. If you need to take a moment and relax over a delicious iced coffee, this is one of our top picks for a quick stop off with a little added flair. It has fantastic views and is nice and peaceful. Sounds like bliss right?
Top Tip: They serve ice cream lattes. Go try one!

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