Hummus is where the heart is


When we think about snack food, there isn’t much that compares to the king of dips – Hummus. We haven’t met anyone yet who doesn’t like it and just the thought of scooping some up with a warm fresh pita makes us start to drool. For World Hummus Day on the 13th May, we are celebrating all things chickpea and when we’re done, you’ll be running to the nearest shop to stock up because you’ll be craving it for sure.

Why is Hummus so tasty?

It’s rich, creamy and full of garlic. What’s not to love about that? Drizzled with olive oil and bursting with umami flavour, it’s impossible to stop going back for seconds, thirds and fourths when you start dipping into hummus. Whether it’s topped with meat, mixed with sundried tomatoes or plain this dip is perfect with pita, vegetable sticks and just about anything you can think to pair it with, honestly.

Hummus is not only for pita
If you want to spice up your next meal why not add hummus to it. Even if you think it won’t work, we will put money on it tasting amazing. Dip your French fries in it, add it to your sandwich or even make it into dessert. You read that right, we said dessert. Chocolate hummus is fantastic and has a brownie batter consistency that is decadent and delicious. Plus, it’s primarily made of chickpeas, so it’s healthy as far as dessert goes!

Speaking of health…

Hummus is low in saturated fats, and full of fibre and tasty goodness. It’s been linked with fighting off inflammation, lowering blood pressure and reducing your risk of heart disease. With so many benefits and its epic ability to tingle our tastebuds, why wouldn’t you have a fridge always stocked full of the stuff?

Where to find good Hummus to satisfy that craving

We’ve been talking about it for so long, the only thing to do now is to eat some! There are a number of places to get good hummus in the UAE but some of our favourites are –

Kahloun Restaurant & Cafe

Found at The Pavillion Jumeirah Park, you can get buy one get one free main menu items and a huge side of hummus to accompany everything because as we have established, it is the perfect dish for any occasion.


Ewaan at The Palace Downtown is a little fancy and serves some amazing food. You can get a buy one get one free buffet using your ENTERTAINER and all the hummus that your heart desires with no judgement. Sounds dreamy.

Hummus Brothers

Get 25% off the total bill or a buy one get one free main menu item from Hummus Brothers through ENTERTAINER Delivery and try one of their moreish wraps. You get a mouthful of hummus with every bite and really there is nothing to complain about in that situation.

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