Where To Find Our ENTERTAINER Offers At Al Seef

You can get anything, and we mean, anything to eat in Dubai, so our focus was to find venues that have a certain “dubai-ness” to them, that seem quintessentially of the city. And you know, we just love discovering new venues for you to enjoy. That’s why this time before you asked, we put on our Dora-the-explorer shoes and headed to Dubai’s new best hidden gem, Al Seef! Like we need an excuse to get out of the office, right?! We grabbed our bags and headed on a full day of amazing deals! so sit back, relax, and enjoy finding out more on our new favourite spot. Think old meets new, music, laughter, friends, waterfront views, and on your ENTERTAINER app…it’s all that we ever wished for.

How to Enjoy Al Seef with your ENTERTAINER?

Travel back to “Times of Arabia

Savings Estimate: AED 95

Without a doubt, the Arabic and Lebanese cuisine is best represented in Times of Arabia. From the minute we reached Al seef and went on the look out for this fine dining gem, we were transported back in time – to the golden times of old Arabia awaiting the arrival of the caliphates! Rich interiors, check! Velvet cushions, check! Exclusive marina views, check! and yummy food…check, check, check! Dishes are prepared from the freshest ingredients next to the welcoming Arab hospitality from the friendly staff all paved the way for an experience out of A thousand and one nights! And you can have this too, just head there and try their mixed grill platter where the Tawook and Kafta are the stars of this dish.

Savour the unique taste at Kona Grill

Savings Estimate: AED 75

Why go? Well, the fact that its one of the most instagrammable restaurant we have been to, and the endless array of dishes on offer, nothing really can top that off! The chef is a master of contemporary American cuisine with a global twist. Expect seasonal dishes, from the freshest-cut sushi to mountain vegetables to mouth-melting grilled beef dishes, served poetically in a minimal setting by the super attentive staff. Now, if you are looking for an extra cool vibe, head over to the second floor where the place is “happening”! Choose your seating either on the comfortable leather sofas or by the bar and enjoy the beats while watching your favourite game on the screens. As eclectic as the menu is, we had to try their best seller, The Macadamia Nut Chicken. Oh My God…the chicken was juicy, delicious, and easy to love! We highly recommend trying it as it is addictive. And if you’re still sticking to your new year’s resolution – my body is my temple – fear not, a promising vegan & vegetarian menu is being crafted as we speak. Choose to dine indoors or outdoors, the choice is really yours!

Chase the flavours at Mamikonyan Lebanese and Armenian Restaurant

Savings Estimate: AED 70

Expect true authentic Armenian cuisine with Mediterranean influence at Mamikonyan. Conveniently located in courts of Arabia and directly on the Marina in Al Seef. We were very impressed with the spacious interiors making it the perfect venue for functions and events. Take the team out, bring the family to celebrate an engagement, or simply bring your friends to enjoy the rustic ambience. Chef Yasser and his wonderful staff assume the responsibility of offering a unique dining experience to feast guests on a dazzling array of flavours! The varied menu lets you sample authentic food with dishes to please meat lovers and vegetarians alike. We enjoyed the flavoursome Ghapa dish – a stuffed pumpkin with a mixture of cooked rice, minced meat, and dried fruits and nuts. A dish so tasty that will definitely keep us coming back for more!

961LB – The coolest Lebanese flare in Dubai

Savings Estimate: AED 30/ 65 / 320

It is the unique atmosphere that truly sets 961LB apart. Nestled on Al Seef’s waterfront, this well lit restaurant combines a cafe (serving Lebanese and Mediterranean food, wholesome sandwiches, and a good deal of vegetarian options) with a high end bar on the second floor selling carefully selected beverages. Contributing to its unique easy going atmosphere is its beautiful terrace, surrounded by views of old Dubai and the twin Rolex towers. The place comes to live in the early evenings with music played by the live band that will sway you as you enjoy the amazing vibes. Whenever you decide to go during the day, we have you covered. Enjoy our offers as you choose between breakfast, a main course, or their Friday brunch. Your weekend is sorted!

Sadly, our day came to an end but we know that there is more to explore at Al Seef. So help us, go there and  discover the places and share with us what you like most. See the “melting pot” that is Dubai and enjoy the mixture between old and new. Whether you want to enjoy the night and hang out with friends with views overlooking the old buildings of Dubai, or you take the family to enjoy a delicious bite and watch the Abaras sail Dubai’s creek, Al Seef is definitely worth your visit especially when using your ENTERTAINER!

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