The Best PINGS In Life Are Free!

Seeing as we’re entering the season of giving, we thought it was only fair that we give back to all of you as a thank you for showing us the love and support over the year. And what better way to treat you, than by giving you 1,000 PINGS, meaning you can share all of your unused offers with your nearest and dearest!

PING those offers with your ENTERTAINER!

Is your wife upset that she’s used up all of the offers at her favourite salon? Or perhaps your colleague’s obsession with coffee has ensured that they haven’t been able to redeem for a while? Maybe it’s you that needs a bit of love? Especially if you really fancy that pizza (or two) tonight, but you have 0 offers left.

Whatever the reason, from 3rd – 30th December 2017, we are giving you the chance to PING away! Take the opportunity to send offers to your family, friends, colleagues and boss. If the recipient isn’t already an ENTERTAINER member (tut tut!), don’t worry, they can still receive the offer after downloading the App! All PINGS received must be redeemed by 30th December, 2017.

Not sure how to PING? Watch the video below for a step-by-step guide!

All you have to do is:

  1. Find the offer you want to PING, and click on the paper aeroplane
  2. Select the offer you want to send
  3. Enter the email address you’d like to send it to, and click PING

It’s as easy as that – so get PING-ing!

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