It’s Time To Welcome ENTERTAINER Family Accounts

We know you love sharing your App with your family, so we’ve decided to upgrade your ENTERTAINER to give you the best sharing experience possible. Please welcome… ENTERTAINER family accounts. With the introduction of family accounts, you will now be able to select family members to share your account with, but the great thing is, they’ll have their own access with their own login and password.

All the important things you need to know

With ENTERTAINER family, you can now be one of two things: A Primary Member, or a Secondary Member. Let us explain further…

Primary Members: You are the ones that have purchased an ENTERTAINER product. Now, you can give up to 4 family members exclusive access to your account, and these members can be changed whenever you want.

Secondary Members: You are the ones that can reap the rewards, without having to buy a product! Once a Primary Member has invited you to join their family, you will have access to all of the offers. It’s time to smile very sweetly..

Please note: Both Primary and Secondary members will have access to Pings, Smiles, and their own Happy Birthday Offers.

Why have we done this?

– It’s a lot safer!

We wanted to make it safer for you. Now that you all have your own private access, you can benefit from more privacy and better security, and it means that your personal information is protected! With the introduction of ENTERTAINER family accounts, you’ll no longer have to hand out your email address and password to everyone.

– You can manage your own savings

Now, you’ll be able to track your own savings, as well as the savings of each family member. It’s time to get competitive – will it be you that saves the most?

What do you have to do now?

  1. On May 14th, you’ll be automatically logged out of your ENTERTAINER account.
  2. You’ll then HAVE to update your App to the latest version and follow the steps on the App to reset your password.
  3. Do NOT share this password with anyone.
  4. If you’d like to continue sharing the App with your family you can create an ENTERTAINER family account by sending each family member an invite which allows them to create their own unique login and password.
  5. Once these changes are made, your ENTERTAINER will continue to operate as usual.

Please watch our video below to learn more about ENTERTAINER family accounts.

Start creating your family now!

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