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Known as the ‘Venice of the North’, the capital of Sweden is a fascinating and picturesque destination to visit. From intriguing middle-age infrastructures to world-class museums, this Scandinavian city can prove to be an expensive place for a holiday. While you can splurge and have an extravagant holiday, there are some amazing ways for you to enjoy Stockholm even if you are on a budget. Public transport is accessible and walking tours around Stockholm are free. Being on a budget doesn’t equate to boring; here are some fun ways to experience Stockholm that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, plus we have included some free things to do too.

Explore The Green Island Djurgården

Located in central Stockholm, Djurgården is an island with a dozen walking trails and is surrounded by lush greenery, hence the island is known as ‘green island’ to the locals. The island has been on royal land since the 15th century and is the favourite of King John III. It is open to the public and accessible by tram (number 7) or ferry and it costs next to nothing to get there. Put your comfortable kicks on because there will be a lot of walking and attractions to see along the way. You can also explore the area by renting a bike. There are numerous cafes and restaurants in the area but if you want to save some krona, you can pack some food and have a relaxing picnic alongside the canal.

Visit the Royal Palace

In the Old Town of Stockholm, you can find one of Europe’s largest palaces. It’s the official residence of the Swedish Royal Family and Sweden’s monarchy. There are also three museums within the palace’s grounds and you can catch the ceremonial parade and the changing of the guards outside the Royal Palace for free. These guards, donned in blue and white uniforms, are ‘Högvakten’. Highly trained members of the Swedish Armed Forces, protecting the Royal Palace since the 16th century. For an entrance fee of 150 SEK, visitors can tour the armoury and the royal stables decked with fairy-tale carriages of sublime beauty. Swing by the treasury to get a glimpse and feel of the lifestyle of the rich and famous where you will see and get to hold crown jewels in your hands!

Capture the Best of Gamla Stan Town Square

When you plan a visit to Gamla Stan also known as ‘Old Town’, you cannot miss the quaint, colourful buildings in Stortorget. These buildings were erected during the 17th century and give you a clear picture of what the square looked like during the days of imperial Sweden. This part of the town square is the most photographed spot in Stockholm and you can easily see why. Explore the streets of this square for unique keepsakes and food souvenirs such as salty black liquorice, for people with a more acquired taste. Make sure to look out for the red ‘house’ with a porch – Schantzka Huset was built in 1650 and there is a dark story behind the limestones of this house. Today, it is a famous tourist attraction.

Treat Yourself to a ‘Fika’ at Bakfickan

Swedish people love their ‘fika’ (snack break) every afternoon. Local favourites include dumplings and hearty meatballs with lingonberry jam. This hip and cosy restaurant in Operakällaren has people queuing out the door after 6:00pm, so we suggest you get there early because there are strictly no reservations. For less than 200 SEK, you can experience fine dining with a rustic charm. The place is decked with opera photographs and eclectic deco lampshades. Rumour has it that opera singers hang out here late at night.

Stockholm, a city enriched in culture and history. Jet away to this European gem and experience the ‘beautiful city on water’, as the locals call it. A good holiday doesn’t have to be expensive, especially now you can save on your hotel bookings when you book with ENTERTAINER getaways. Enjoy our hotel offers with up to 60% off your hotel stay. Launch your ENTERTAINER app, click on the “Travel’ tab and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to tag us on your Scandinavian adventure!

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