4 Reasons why Malta should be your next travel destination

Malta may be small, but it packs a real punch with everything you could want from a holiday!

A small archipelago in the middle of the Mediterranean, Malta boasts some of the Med’s clearest waters, 300 days of sunshine and the greatest density of historic sites worldwide!

With its sizzling mix of influences from it’s Roman, Arab, Norman, French and more recent British rules, Malta has a rich history that presents itself in its culture, language, cuisine and architecture.

Here are our 4 reasons why Malta should be your next European adventure!

1. Swim in the Azur waters of the Mediterranean

The most famous swimming spot in Malta has to be the Blue Lagoon and quite rightly so! It offers Azur blue shallow water and gets very busy in the summer months. It lies between the tiny island of Comino and the even tinier island of Cominotto, North of Malta. A cliché photo with a pineapple drink in hand is a must when you come here.

Other picture-perfect swimming spots are the natural salt-water pools near Dwejra Bay on the Island of Gozo. Here you will find some amazing cave diving sites along the limestone terrain, perfect for snorkellers and scuba divers to explore. Gozo has some beautiful sandy beaches like Ramla I-Hamra as well.

For an off the beaten track swimming spot stay on the main island, head to Marsaxlokk and check out St Peters Pool. Thrill seekers should summon up the courage for a dive from the cliffs into the blue waters!

2. Be part of something big

Film buffs will be delighted to know that so many big movies were shot on Malta. It offers cliffs, beaches, harbours, forts and dated stone buildings. All versatile enough to make it look like you’re in ancient Rome or a deserted Caribbean Island.

To name but a few of the blockbuster movies shot on these beautiful isles are Gladiator, which was filmed in Ricasoli Fort, Troy which used the beautiful Blue Lagoon as its film location as well as Ricasoli Fort. Munich, Captain Phillips and World War Z were also filmed on the islands.

Game of Thrones

Fans of Game of Thrones will be delighted to know that much of its first season was shot on Malta!

Mdina In Malta is one of Europe’s best preserved ancient walled cities and served as the filming location for many episodes of the series. Walk around to Mesquita Square and you can imagine Jamie Lannister and his spearmen attack Ned and his guards in Season 1. The gate of Mdina also serves as Kings Landing in Episode 3.

Unfortunately, one of the most famous spots where Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen’s Wedding was filmed on top of The Azure Window on Gozo collapsed due to corrosion and a storm (possibly too many GoT fan selfies) but squint your eyes and you can imagine the beautiful wedding ceremony.

3. Eat like a King or Queen

With so much to see and do in Malta, you will need to plan in a break or two to fuel up and Maltese food will delight your taste buds with its blend of cultures. Just like its history, its cuisine is a mix of rustic flavours from Britain, deep aromatic favours from Middle Eastern cuisine, and with a hint of Sicily and a dab of France.

Dine in

Indulge in a truly authentic Maltese food experience with a rich rabbit stew, stuffed bundles of beef slowly braised (Bragioli) and a plate of the mild Ġbejna cheese.

Why not make a night of it and dine at Ta’ Marija in Mosta where they host a Maltese folklore dinner show where Maltese women in traditional garb perform old dances. Cheesy and touristy for sure but it will have you laughing all the way home.

On the go

A popular ‘on the go’ snack in Malta is the Pastizz (note – this can also translate to Idiot ?). These are a savoury pastry, often filled with mushy peas or ricotta cheese, but are often filled with other popular pie fillings.

There’s plenty of pastizzerias to grab a quick one and Crystal Palace in Rabat is simply the best according to the locals and a cheesy one will set you back by only 30 cents!

4. Walk down the path of history

There are as many churches in Malta as there are days in the year and if we were to recommend only one for you to visit it would have to be the Rotunda of Santa Marija Assuntaor or the Mosta Dome, which is what most people call it. Its got the 4th largest dome in the world! Stand in the middle of this church, look-up and let your jaw drop…

and from the inside!

Okay we lied, there is no way we can go to Malta and only visit one of their beautiful churches, the next one on our list of must visits is St John’s Cathedral in Valletta. This, as many would describe it, is the crown jewel of Malta! The beauty of its gilded arched columns and painted ceilings together with the artwork of Caravaggio is indescribable.

While you are in Valetta there are many places you must see, walk down the Barrakka Gardens to the waterfront for picturesque views. The city in itself is a UNESCO world heritage site, so it won’t take you many steps without running into a historic building or a museum to explore.

At the Southwest side of the island, there is a true sight to behold in the ancient temples of Hagar Qim and Mnajdra which date back to around 3500 BC. Another UNESCO world heritage site, it is considered one of the most ancient religious sites on earth.

Mdina, Malta’s first capital, is still a small medieval-style citadel city (medina in Arabic), full of historic buildings. Evening is a lovely time to wander here. The crowds have gone and the labyrinth of tiny alleys is quiet and atmospheric.

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