Soak in the views of Langkawi Islands

Boasting lush landscapes and beautiful beaches with turquoise-blue waters and talc-soft sand, Langkawi can give the Mediterranean islands a run for their money. Known as the Jewel of Kedah, this island has all the right ingredients for a tropical vacation. The name of the places in Langkawi are mostly derived from the local language, some have an underlying meaning and you will be intrigued to know the story behind each one. Legend has it that the island was once destroyed because of a curse. Curse or not, legend or truth, we are simply obsessed with the views in this island, here’s why!

Seven Wells Waterfall

Known as Telaga Tujuh in the local language, ‘tujuh’ means seven. Seven Wells Waterfall is actually made out of seven cascading pools. At the base of the falls are big boulders, with water streaming down over these rocks, forming a few shallow-like kiddie pools. These pools are usually where most people enjoy a rejuvenating bath.

Langkawi Sky Bridge

Paving its way across the peak of Mount Cincang is the beautifully constructed 125-metre curved pedestrian bridge known as the Sky Bridge. To get to the bridge, you must first head up to the top station and catch the Sky Cab (Cable Car) from Oriental Village to the Mount Cincang stop. Experience the steepest ride ever, elevated 708 metres above sea level. Feelings of euphoria kick in and there’s nothing quite like seeing the Langkawi Islands from an impressively high stand-point. The end of the ride is where the walking pathway of the sky bridge begins. Capture a picture of the perfect sunset during golden hour and people will think it is photoshopped!

Telaga Harbour Marina

Every harbour has a story, so does this one at Pantai Kok. Telaga Harbour was once a small fishing village and has flourished into a gateway for yachts, big and small and also shuttle terminals to neighbouring islands. You can relax and enjoy a nice dinner at the restaurants along the harbour. One of our favourites is Mare Blu Restaurant which serves authentic Italian food, made with local produce here on the island. The view overlooking the mountains is simply picturesque, intertwined with the ambience of the restaurant. We think this harbour strikes a resemblance to the ones in the Italian Riviera.

Pantai Cenang

Just under a 15 minutes’ drive from the Langkawi Airport, is Pantai Cenang. Here you will find a pristine 2km beach. On the soft and powdery white sand, you can simply lay back and get a dose of vitamin D. The beautiful weather on the island makes for the perfect summer vacation. Swim in the refreshing teal coloured waters and feel your worries floating away into the vast sea. Cliché as it may sound, nothing beats stress other than relaxing on the beach. For a laid-back afternoon, you can hang out at the Kalut Bar and enjoy your drinks sitting on a beanbag. If you love sunset like us, this marks the perfect spot to enjoy it!

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