Insta-perfect Palawan Islands

Consisting of 7,641 Islands, the Philippines is a haven for travelers seeking water-based adventures and relaxing island life. With so many islands to explore, there is something for everyone and we love Palawan Island and its surroundings for some jaw-dropping scenery.

Palawan is an archipelago with 1,780 islands on the Western part of the Philippines. Palawan Island consists of two intriguing, dynamic and diverse habitats – reefs and tropical rain-forests and is known as “the Last Ecological Frontier of the Philippines”.

Palawan and its surrounding islands are very popular with island hopping travelers due to its picture-perfect over and underwater life.

Our top 5 places to snap jaw-dropping Instagram photos are:

Kayangan Lake | Coron

You must work to enjoy the beauty of this turquoise coloured lake. It’s a 300-step hike to enjoy the beauty that is Kayangan. It’s a very popular attraction in Coron and it’s not hard to understand why. The lake can get busy so set an early alarm and make Kayangan your first stop to see the lake at its most serene. This will also be the only way to score the perfect photos without many people in the background.

Twin Lagoon | Coron

If you arrive during low tide you will be in a for a treat.  As the name suggests, these are two separate lagoons separated by towering limestone formations, during low tide you can swim in the crystal-clear waters from one lagoon to another through an underwater passage. Swimming is not the only way to cross, with some people opting to use the wooden stairs during high tide or by kayaking around. Whatever you decide to do, the pictures will be incredible.

Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park | Cagayancillo

Arguably the finest diving spot in the word, the Tubbataha Reefs can only be visited on a liveaboard boat because of its isolated location East of the mainland Palawan, in the Sulu Sea. It’s located in the protected Coral triangle with extraordinary marine biodiversity and you can expect to see pristine untouched coral reefs, mantas, turtles, schools of sharks, whale sharks, Octopi and lots of colourful fish. Underwater photos in one of the world’s best dive sites are sure to “wow” your followers.

Honda Bay Islands | Puerto Princesa

Not far from Palawan Island’s capital, Puerto Princesa lies in the Honda Bay amongst the clearest water you will ever experience. Many tours will depart from here, taking you on an island-hopping adventure you wouldn’t want to miss. Starfish Island, as the name suggests has many beautiful starfish dotted around in the water and Luli has an amazing sandbar, while Pandan is known for its snorkelling. Each of them needs to be experienced and each of them looks great in photos!

Bacuit Bay Islands | El Nido

Island hopping around Bacuit Bay Islands in El Nido should be on everyone’s bucket list. There are many tours that will take you to different islands, some will explore the caves and coves, some will show you the best white beaches around and some will take you inland to explore the amazing greenery, but all of them will have you swimming in crystal clear water; clear enough to see the diverse marine life. Take your underwater camera and get ready to take some awesome videos and photos!

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