Quirky Cafes To Visit in Hong Kong

Remember in the old days when cafes were just places where you got your coffee fix or grab some quick food on the go? Those days are definitely gone. Cafes nowadays are curated spaces where people hang out, get their work done and having coffee or tea socials. Hong Kong is where you get to view the iconic Victoria harbour, marvel at futuristic skyscrapers and go on a culinary adventure. Check out these quirky cafes the next time you are in Hong Kong!

Mum’s Not Home

Rattan chairs, quirky décor and surroundings decorated with potted plants, this is a cool and eccentric space that looks like a secret garden. Mum’s Not Home is café located in Yau Ma Tei and is very artsy. The café is owned by a hip, globe-trotting couple and the souvenirs collected on their trips became part of the inspiration for their beautiful café. There are also cool items available for sale over at the boutique corner, including eclectic print shirts and bric-a-brac. This place will provide you with an immersive experience, and if you want insta-worthy pictures to complement your theme, you might have just hit the jackpot!

Forget Starbucks. For delicious cheesecakes of exploding flavours, this is a playful place for your taste buds! Try their iced-teas too. The menu of the cafe is part of the décor and you will probably spend a good couple of minutes looking for it, as we did. The cakes sell out fast, literally, so don’t miss out!


Having success with their first café in Taipei, one of the owners decided to open another outlet in her hometown. Mamaday, located in Causeway Bay, is a whimsical-themed café, serving artisan food. This sentence alone tells you your mind is about to be blown! With colourful chairs and walls lined with quirky and cheeky quotes, this café has pinterest vibes! What caught our eyes were the caricatures of Queen Victoria and Mr Bean amongst the red accent windows, which is very smart if they were going with the London theme, but also very funny seeing the two in the same room.

If you like surprises, this café will definitely have that element of surprise! But if you are not in the mood to let the waiter decide for you and you want to know what you are ordering, try their lunch special, Omurice (omelette rice) with Unagi. You can pair it with your Hippy Nori drink if you are in a boozy mood. This place has a hip and cosy ambience, definitely a place where you can find the cool kids!

Momentum Coffee Roaster

Urban-chic and coffee phenomenon are a few words that best describes Momentum Coffee Roaster café on Peel Street. The first thing that you notice the moment you walked in, is the neon-lit sign “Drink Naked Coffee” and you are intrigued to know how does naked coffee taste? There is also a sleek bar with quirky taps that somewhat look like beer on tap. Instead of bartenders, these baristas (roasters) are serving up some delicious coffee on tap!

The seating areas are relatively small and can get a little crowded, but there is an extended ‘outdoor’ area that looks like someone’s balcony to chill out. Pair your coffee with some sugary buns, which taste like doughnuts or freshly baked croissants, but the stars of the show here are their dynamic coffee blends. If you are craving for some good coffee, you know where to go!

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